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Project Name

Supporting Organization

September 2006-2007

Tsunami Risk Map of İstanbul

Istanbul Municipality and OYO Int. Co. Japan

June 2006 - 2007

Tsunami Risk Map of Turkey

Ministry of Transport of Turkey

October 2006 - 2009

TRANSFER, Tsunami Risk and Strategies for European Region

European Union

July 2006 - 2008

SEAHELLARC Earthquake and Tsunami Study for Western and Hellenic Arc

European Union

May-June 2006

Lecturing in International Training Course on Tsunami Numeric Modelling


March 2006

Software Developement and Installation for Malaysia Tsunami Warning System

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia, Astronautic Teknologi Srl Malaysia

July-October 2005

Consultancy to coastal utilization, island access and harbor development program

Ministry of Planning and National Development of Maldives Government

July 2005

Tsunami survey on Malaysian coast

UTM Malaysia and DID Malaysia

March 21-22, 2005

Tsunami Risk in Europe

European Union, European Comiision

January 2005

International Tsunami Survey December 26, 2004 Sumatra Earthquake in Sumatra Island Indonesia

UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commision (IOC)

Since June 2004

Tsunami Pilot Study for Seaside City

Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, University of Southern, California

Since August 2004

Program Reviewer of Pacific Tsunami Information Center Hawaii

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Center

Feb-Dec, 2003

Field Survey on Karaburun Sediment Transport

Yildiz Technical University

April-June 2002

İskenderun Bay Industrial Region, Coastal Development and Transportation Planning

Directorate of Iskenderun Industrial Region

Since March 2002

Consultancy for Marine Structures and Hydrography for Bosphorus Tunnel Crossing Project

Avrasya Consultants


Consultancy for Topkapı Palace Holliday Village Coastal Rehabilitation

MNG Holding

August-September 2001

Consultacy for Waste Circulation in the Bay

Erimtan Engineering

Since 1996

Historical Earthquakes and Associated Tsunamis in Mediterranean Sea

Tohoku University Japan

June 2000-December 2000

Consultancy for Modeling of Coastal Engineering Projects

Dolfen Engineering Consultacny Co

January 2000-June 2001

The Effect of Eastern Marmara Earthquake on Coastal Structures in Izmit Bay

Yildiz Technical University

May 2000-Nay 2001

Perforated Breakwaters Constructed by Geotextile Tubes

Middle East Technical University Research Fund

Feb. 1999-Mar.2000

Modeling of Tsunamis and Inundation Mapping for Santa Barbara City California, USA

FEMA and University of Southern California, USA

Feb. 1999-Mar.2000

Modeling of Tsunamis and Inundation Mappin for Los Angeles City California, USA

FEMA and University of Southern California, SA


Project Name

Supporting Organization

May 1998-December 1998

Wave Agitation inside Datca Yat Harbor

AKSA Construction Co.

June 1998-December 1998

Stability of Coastal Structures at Erdemir Port

Erdemir Factories

January 1997- June 1998

The Stability of Breakwaters by using Artificial Concrete Cubes

General Directorate Railways Ports and Airports

August 1995-Dec 1996

The Stability of Breakwaters by using Artificial Concrete Cubes

General Directorate Railways Ports and Airports

August 1995-Dec, 1995

Determination of Design Wave Height for the Water Intake Structures of Cayırhan Thermal Power Plant near Sarıyar Dam Lake

Austrian Energy

June.1995-Aug., 1995

Experimental Study on Toe Protection of Vertical Wall Breakwaters

General Directorate of Construction of Railways Ports and Airports

June.1994-Aug., 1994

Research on Mersin Yacht Harbor

General Directorate of Construction of Railways Ports and Airports

June.1993-Dec., 1993

Research on Antalya Kaleici Yacht Harbor

General Directorate Railways Ports and Airports

Feb.1993-Mar., 1993

Research on the Computation of the Dredged Volume around Van Pier,

General Directorate of Turkish State Railwa


Research on Marmara Island Marina

Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Construction of State Railways, Airports and Ports


Research on Finike Marina,

Ministry of Transport General, Directorate of Construction of Railways, Airports and Ports

May.1990-Feb, 1991

Feasibility Studies on the Sea Outfall of Yenihisar Peninsula

Tempo Consulting Researcher Engineers Co


Researches of Erdemir Port

Erdemir Co.


Feasibility Studies Of Kefken Gunboat Pier

Yüksel Project Co.


Research on Izmir Alpet Harbor

Aliaga Petrokimya Co.


Feasibility Studies Of Sinop Akliman Gunboat Pier

Yalçın Consulting Co.


Transmission of the Solitary Wave Through Permeable Media

Tohoku Univ.Coastal Eng. Lab. Japan


Stability of Quay Walls of Botas Marine Terminal

Turkish Pipeline Transportation Co


Field Measurements of Wave Characteristics and Set Up in the Surf Zone at the Beach.

Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Authority

May 1986-Feb.1987

Effect of Jetty Construction on the NaviNavigibility of Cecina Inlet (Italy)

University Of Padova (Italy)


Consultancy Work on The Construction of The Breakwater of The Harbor of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

Turkish Electricity Authority

Feb.1984-May 1985

Marmaris Marina Project, Model Investigations And Pollution Study.

Ministry of Public Works (Turkey)


Coastal Research at Dalyanagzi (Koycegiz) And Iztuzu Lake Project

Ministry of Culture e Tourism (Turkey)


Feasibility Study of Waste Water Collection and Disposal Systems for the City Of Samsun (Turkey)

TEMPO Consulting Engineers Co. Ltd


Studies on Wave Climate, Stabilities of Breakwater and Shore Protection Structures Turkey

Turkish Researcher Electricity Authority Nuclear Power Plant,


Engineering Research Foca, Turkey)

Turkish Naval


Measurement and Analysis of wind waves for The design of Ordu Harbor.

Ministry of Public Works (Turkey)


Research on the Breakwater Stability of Ordu Harbor (Turkey)

Ministry of Public Works (Turkey)


Capacity Enlargement Project Uzunkum Port (Eregli, Turkey)

Iron and Steel of Factories (Eregli)


Pollution Study of Kemer Marina (Turkey)

Tourism Bank Of Turkey

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