Stat 552 - Probability and Statistics II - Spring 2013-2014

Instructor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozlem ILK DAG
Department of Statistics, Room No:134
Middle East Technical University
Phone: 210 5326

Lecture Hours:
Tuesdays, 14:40-17:30

Office Hours:

Tuesdays and Fridays, 13:40-14:30
or by appointment (please send an email to

My schedule for this semester is available here.

Course outline is available here .


16. Here is hmw2 solution.

15. New slides: Hypt. tests - application - > 2 popns. and quick review

14. New slides: Hypt. tests - application - 2 popns.

13. New slides: Hypt. tests - application - 1 popn.

12. Here is hmw2.

11. Here are new slides: Hypt. tests-theory

10. Here are new slides: CI

9. Here are new slides: locationa and scale parameters.

8. Here is hmw1 solution.

7. Here are new slides for this week.

6. First problem session will be on 18/03/2014 in class. If you need to use my computer for slides, please send your files before 10:00 a.m. on that day.
Midterm I: 1, April, 2014, 14:40 in class,
Midterm II: 22, April, 2014, 14:40 in class.

5. Here is hw1 and new slides: some properties of estimators.

4. Here are new slides: exp family and point estimation

3. Here are new slides: order stats and limiting distrs

2. Here are slides for this week: intro .

1. First Meeting:
18, Feb, 2014, Tue, 14:40, Seminar Room, Dept. of Stat