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Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Signal Processing
Head of Department of Modelling and Simulation
Graduate School of Informatics, METU, Ankara, Turkey

Middle East Technical University (METU)
Graduate School of Informatics,
Room B-221, TR-06810, Ankara, Turkey
Alt text ODTÜ or Bilkent metro stations

Office tel:
+90 312 210 7889

Office Fax:
+90 312 210 3745

e-mail: hhuseyin@metu.edu.tr

VoIP: husshho


DemirelThesis 01.08.17 Congratulations to my student Mr Umut Demirel on the successful defense of his M.Sc. thesis on the automatic recognition of the expressive gestures of orchestra conductors.
DemirkaplanThesis 20.06.17 Congratulations to my student Miss Özgen Demirkaplan on the successful defense of her M.Sc. thesis exploring the effects of familiarity on auditory distance perception.
OpenDay 24.05.17 Congratulations to my students Mert Burkay Çöteli (supervised by myself) and Umut Demirel (jointly supervised together with Dr. Elif Sürer) who received two separate best poster awards on the METU II Open Research Day.
Click 20.05.17 Our work with Dr. Enzo De Sena (IoSR, Surrey) and Prof. Zoran Cvetkovic (KCL) on scattering delay networks (SDN) for room acoustic simulation was used as part of an art installation by Ali Hossaini and displayed at Click Festival in Copenhagen.
Click 16.05.17 I gave a tutorial lecture on spherical microphone arrays at IEEE SIU 2017 in Antalya. The tutorial slides (in Turkish) are available here.
SPM 25.04.17 Our new article presents a review of perceptually-motivated spatial audio systems. You can read it on IEEEXplore. If you don't have access but want to read it please drop me an e-mail.
DemirkaplanThesis 06.04.17 My new book chapter on the procedural generation of gunshot sounds is out. You can read it on SpringerLink or buy the book which also has many other excellent chapters on procedural content generation from Amazon. If you are only after the chapter I wrote, please drop me an e-mail.
DemirkaplanThesis 17.02.17 I have been appointed as an Associate Editor of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing for a three-year term.

Research interests: 3D and spatial audio systems, room acoustics, audio and acoustical signal processing, microphone arrays, virtual environments, acoustical measurements, procedural sound, theory of signal processing, musical interaction.

Current research project(s):
Analysis-based synthesis for spatial audio reproduction (2014- , funded by TUBITAK, Grant number: 113E513)

AUGCHESTRA: Musical interaction in augmented reality (2017-)

I am always on the lookout for highly-motivated Ph.D. students who want to work on audio signal processing and acoustics. If you are one of these people drop me an e-mail.

Teaching (Fall 2017-18):
MMI 522 Procedural Sound Design
MMI 705 Multimedia Standards
MMI 700 Research Methods and Ethics