Current research interests of Erdinç Çakiroglu include the use of technology and mathematical problem solving, professional development of mathematics teachers, and multiple representations of mathematics concepts, which may involve technology and manipulatives.

His focus in mathematics education is mostly on grade levels 4 to 8.


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The projects that he has been involved are following:

An FP6 funded project that aims to develop develop an intelligent cognitive-based open learning system and environment, adapted to individual learners' needs and ensuring their take-up in the education sector at a European level.

A project for mathematics teachers' professional development in the use of Technology. The projects aims to develop and/or adapt several mathematical investigations and problems that can be studied through technological tools, such as calculators, spreadsheets, dynamic geometry applications, etc. with a partnership of InterMath project.

National Mathematics Curriculum Development
A national curriculum development project that aimed to change the elementary and secondary school curricula with a reformist perspective. He has been involved in the elementary and upper elementary level mathematics curriculum development commission.

Young Inventors
A project of a non-profit educational organization (TEGV) with a support from Eczacibasi group. The purpose of the project was to develop science and math activities for elementary school level children. He has served as an author of mathematics activity books of this program.