Özgür Kadir Özer


Short CV

Özgür Kadir Özer is the Head of Research, Development and Entrepreneurship Department at Ministry of Development. Prior to this post he worked at the same department (2000-2012) and Development Research Center (2012-2013) as planning expert within the same organization. He received his Master of Public Policy degree (concentration on Science and Technology Policy) from The George Washington University (USA) and BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Dokuz Eylül University (Turkey). He is currently pursuing his PhD in social policy at Yıldırım Beyazıt University (Turkey).


Research Infrastructures in Turkey Ministry of Development, which is the responsible institution for directing and coordinating economic, social and cultural development efforts in Turkey, also provides funds for public research infrastructures. Since early 2000s, these funds have been increased both to establish new centers and improve the established ones. However, some managerial and financial sustainability problems emerged, especially observed in the university centers. Law# 6550 was enacted in 10 July 2014 to overcome this challenge. The main aim of this Law is to support both the current research infrastructures established in the universities and the new built ones as of effectiveness and sustainability through a financial and managerial reform. Flexibility capability is enhanced through a new policy making body, and the assessment and evaluation processes are rebuilt to ensure that the infrastructure’s competency is still continuing to receive the public funds on a real basis. The acquisition of the legal entity status to the competent infrastructures will bring the opportunity to create their own board of directors and managers as well as facilitating employment transactions with researchers. Moreover, creating commercial partnerships with private sector is promoted within the Law. Secondary legislation has already been completed promoting the straightaway implementation.