Afsar Saranli's Research Interests
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Research Interests:

My background and my current research interests are concerned with Sensor based robotics, Probabilistic Robotics, State Estimation, Vision for Legged Robots, Locomotion and Autonomy in Legged Robotic Systems, Pattern Recognition, Signal and Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Discrete and Continuous optimization, Control systems.

Motivated Students with good CGPA standing:

I am always looking for highly motivated graduate student candidates with good CGPA standing to pursue research in a number of inter-related fields. I prefer candidate students to meet me early. You can always get involved even in your undergraduate years (3rd-4th years) if you have an enthousiasm towards the exciting field of robotics research. I prefer graduate students just starting their 1st year. Late students who have already finished their coursework are not my preference.

If you feel that you are highly motivated, prepared for significant intellectual and technical challenge and serious work, come and see me. You may wish to book an appointment not to miss me in my office.

My general areas of interest are outlined above but I am also open to discuss feasible extensions.

Tentative Office Hours     

Please e-mail me at afsars (at) and arrange for a discussion.

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