The following pages contain huge (for late 1990's!) images of our tire testing setup so PLEASE BE PATIENT while loading...

The test drum made by machining two locomotive wheels (DE 24 000) at Turkish Republic Government Railways Feb. 24, 1995
Two photographs of the concrete base of the test setup Mar. 21. 1995
Three stages of mounting the drum June 1, 1995
The electronic speed control unit July 8, 1996
The traction unit consisting of a 30 kW electric motor and a reduction unit Nov. 28, 1996
The Force Transducer (Special thanks are due Professor Necip BERME of BERTEC Corp.) Feb.1, 1997
General Views -
Painting the Frame -
First Run! Apr. 4, 1997
Some Test Scenes -
First Test Result (Carpet Plot) Dec. 11. 1997
Second Test Result (Carpet Plot) Dec. 13. 1997
Third Test Result (Carpet Plot, the errorrs in positioning the tire are corrected!) Mar. 7, 1998
Final Comissoning Test May 30, 1998
Effect of Inflation Pressure on Test Results Jun. 4, 1998
Effect of Roadway Speed on Test Results Jun. 6, 1998