Personal Info


Umut Orguner

Research Subjects

  • Estimation Theory
  • Target Tracking
  • Information Fusion

Theses Supervised

  • M.Sc.
    • Savaş Erdem Kartal (Graduated on April 5, 2022)
      “Variational Smoothing for Extended Target Tracking with Ranfom Matrices”
    • Ezgi Özpak (Graduated on January 30, 2018)
      “Interacting Multiple Model Probabilistic Data Association Filter Using Random Matrices for Extended Target Tracking”
    • Mehmet İpek (Graduated on February 2, 2017)
      “Satellite Orbit Estimation Using Kalman Filters”
    • Melih Doğan (Graduated on December 8, 2015)
      “Indoor Localization and Tracking Based on RSSI and Acceleration Measurements”
      -Cosupervised with Professor Ali Özgür Yılmaz
    • Süleyman Ayazgök (Graduated on September 9, 2015)
      “Target Tracking and Sensor Placement for Doppler-Only Measurements”
    • Elif Sarıtaş (Graduated on September 8, 2015)
      “Parametric and Posterior Cramer-Rao Lower Bounds for Extended Target Tracking in a Random Matrix Framework”
    • Görkem Gök (Graduated on June 25, 2015)
      “Dynamic Quantization for Track Fusion under Communication Constraints”
    • Alptekin Yılmaz (Graduated on February 20, 2015)
      “On Localization and Tracking Using Received Signal Strength Measurements”
      -Cosupervised with Professor Ali Özgür Yılmaz
  • Ph.D.