[20.08.2021] I have been appointed an an Associate Editor for the IEEE Signal Processing Letters.
[18.08.2021] Our article with Dr Ezgi Keser and Professor Bahar Sener-Pedgley describing the use of gamification to improve sleep is accepted for publication in Entertainment Computing journal and now available online!
[14.07.2021] Our submission to IEEE WASPAA'21 conference ( on internal time calibration of multiple RSMAs is accepted!


[14.07.2021] Our submission to i3DA conference ( on rotation calibration of multiple RSMAs is accepted!
[21.06.2021] IEEE/ACM TASLP article on acoustic source separation accepted for publication [link]
[06.06.2021] Our source separation method (Scene Aware Sounc Source Separation; SAS3) is selected for the MPAI-CAE standard. [link]
[06.06.2021] We delivered a tutorial on Audio for XR with Dr Enzo De Sena and Professor Zoran Cvetkovic at IEEE ICASSP 2021.