[22.02.2022] I have been appointed as a full professor at METU Graduate School of Informatics. 
[DATE] Our article with Timuçin Berk Atalay, Zühre Sü Gül, Enzo De Sena, and Zoran Cvetkovic on the extension of scattering delay network (SDN) type artificial reverberators to coupled volume acoustics is available as an open access article [link]
[20.08.2021] I have been appointed an an Associate Editor for the IEEE Signal Processing Letters.
[18.08.2021] Our article with Dr Ezgi Keser and Professor Bahar Sener-Pedgley describing the use of gamification to improve sleep is accepted for publication in Entertainment Computing journal and now available online!
[14.07.2021] Our submission to IEEE WASPAA'21 conference ( on internal time calibration of multiple RSMAs is accepted!


[14.07.2021] Our submission to i3DA conference ( on rotation calibration of multiple RSMAs is accepted!
[21.06.2021] IEEE/ACM TASLP article on acoustic source separation accepted for publication [link]
[06.06.2021] Our source separation method (Scene Aware Sounc Source Separation; SAS3) is selected for the MPAI-CAE standard. [link]
[06.06.2021] We delivered a tutorial on Audio for XR with Dr Enzo De Sena and Professor Zoran Cvetkovic at IEEE ICASSP 2021.