Current Projects

Our interest is on understanding the molecular structure role on the properties of materials, either at surfaces or in the bulk, using spectroscopy. A better understanding of system properties and effect of molecular structure on these properties will enable us either to design very unique ones or to modify and produce systems and technologies that are superior to the originals.

Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy and Material Characterization

We are setting up a specially offset Raman spectrometer to be able to characterize the hidden materials or drugs in their containers from outside with high signal-to-noise. The technique has a great potential for application in homeland security, health and pharmacy, food and drug investigation etc.

Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy (THz-TDS) for Drug Analysis

We are working on use of THz Spectroscopy in drug analysis. It has the potential to be used as a complementary technique for analyzing the drugs before, during and after manufacturing in a fast way due to being non-invasive and non-destructive, and also penetrating properties.

Non-destructive Quality Control of Plastics
with Terahertz Spectroscopy

In this project, we are using THz Spectroscopy to analyse various plastic samples with contaminants, air bubbles, poor welding joints or delaminations which reduce the product’s strength and quality.Part of this project is supported by AdımODTÜ.

Phase Changing Properties with Terahertz Spectroscopy

This project is about use of THz Spectroscopy to provide fast, reliable and nondestructive in-situ investigation of the phase changing properties of thermal energy storage materials.

Raman Spectroscopy and Energetic Materials

This projects involves construction of a special Raman Spectrometer and its use in identification of energetic materials in trace amounts or in complex environments.

Z-Scan Spectrometer and Nonlinear Properties

A Z-Scan Spectrometer will be constructed and used in investigation of nonlinear indexes and absorptions of various organic and inorganic materials. The materials are synthesized in collaboration to develop optical materials to be used in applications such as LEDs, lasers etc.

Honey, Spectroscopy and Chemometrics

In this project, we use THz Spectroscopy only or in combination with other spectroscopic techniques to determine quality parameters or physical properties of honey samples with the help of chemometric analysis.

Olive Oils, Spectroscopy and Chemometrics

In this project THz spectroscopy is employed for classification of olive oils with respect to their type of olives, local conditions, production processes and products’ kind in combination with other spectroscopic techniques. Once the spectra were collected the data were analyzed with multivariate analysis methods such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA).The aim is to develop a portable spetcrometer for on site use in future.