Assist. Prof. Dr. Çağdaş D. Son


Office Room: 227

Tel: +90 312 210 6472

Fax: +90 312 210 7976

Research Interest: Membrane proteins, Protein-protein interactions, GPCRs, nAChRs, Fluorescence proteins, Confocal microscopy, Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy, FRET, HPLC, Mass spectrometry, MALDI-TOF, protein purification, Photo affinity cross-linking

Description of research activities: Currently our research focused on the identification of protein-protein interactions by quantitative Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) measurements as well as by florescence intensity ratio (FIR) analysis in live cells. We are interested in G-protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) dimerization, and effects of post-translational modifications and ligand interactions on receptor dimerization.


Images by Confocal Microscopy


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