Middle East Technical University

Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department

EE 583 Pattern Recognition

FALL 2013   Course Syllabus


Instructor:      Prof. A. Aydn Alatan (Room C-204, (2351, alatan@eee.metu.edu.tr)


Course web page:  http://www.eee.metu.edu.tr/~alatan/Courses/proutline.html


Textbook:       Pattern Classification, R.O. Duda, P.E. Hart & D.G. Stork, 2nd. edition, Wiley Inc., 2001


Reference books:


Internet resources (as of October 2013):


Grading:         % 25 Midterm (closed book)

                        % 35 Final (closed book)

                        % 30 Term Project

                        % 10 Homework


Outline:           Introduction

                                    Overview, basic concepts, various Approaches

                        Statistical Pattern Recognition

                                    Bayes Decision Theory

                                    Supervised Learning: Parametric & Non-parametric approaches

                                    Linear Discriminant Functions

                                    Unsupervised Learning

                        Non-metric methods

                                    Decision trees

                                    Grammars, Parsing, Inference by syntactic methods

                        Graphical models for Structural Pattern Recognition

                                    Graph matching, relational and attributed graphs

                        Neural Pattern Recognition

                                    Feedforward & non-feedforward networks.

                        Deep Learning Paradigm