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Afsar Saranli
Associate Professor

Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Middle East Technical University
Ismet Inonu Bulvari, 06531, Ankara
Tel: +90 312 210-4529
Fax: +90 312 210-2304
afsars (at)

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SensoRHex Robot Platform

EE Eng Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering METU Middle East Technical University

METU Lib Metu Library Online

Ankara Ankara Turkiye Turkiye

IEEE IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering  ZICEV Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Childeren
Research Focus: Sensor based robotics, State Estimation, Vision for Legged Robots, Locomotion and Autonomy in Legged Robotic Systems, Pattern Recognition, Signal and Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Discrete and Continuous optimization, Control systems.
[Teaching] [Research] [Publications] [Curriculum Vitae] [People]
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