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September 2006 - ……… : Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program, Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus, Turkish Republic and Northern Cyprus
• Program Coordinator of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program since December 2013.
• Taught must courses: Introduction to Engineering (EEE-100), Circuit Theory (EEE-201, EEE-281), Semiconductors and Devices (EEE-212), Digital Electronics (EEE-282, EEE-312), Analogue Electronics (EEE-311), Graduation Projects (EEE-493, EEE-494) and Summer Practice (EEE-300, EEE-400) courses.
• Offered technical elective courses: Microwaves (EEE-427, EEE-428) Telecommunications (EEE-435, EEE-436).
• Designed and delivered the laboratories of EEE-201, EEE-281, EEE-282, EEE-311, EEE-312, EEE-427 and EEE-428.
• Coordinated summer training and graduation project courses.
• Assisted to the establishment of undergraduate teaching laboratories.
• Established Radio Frequency and Telecommunications Laboratory (RFTL) actively used for teaching and research.
• Normalized points (out of 5) received from students evaluations over the recent years are: 4.75 (Spring-2014), 4.74 (fall-2013), 4.43 (Spring-2013), 4.44 (Fall-2012) and 4.57 (Spring-2012).

April 2004 – September 2006: Full-time Research Fellow, "Broadband Mobile Linear Transmitter Amplifiers for WLAN and 4G Communication Systems," Sponsored by Toshiba-Japan, University of Bristol:
The impact of amplifier non-linearity on WLAN (IEEE 802.11a/n) was investigated for MIMO systems. The impact of clipping on adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) and error vector magnitude (EVM) was demonstrated.
The factors limiting the performance of envelope elimination and restoration (EER) transmitters in WLAN applications have been identified and several novel solutions were proposed.
·        A number of international patents were filed.

March 2002 – April 2004: Full-time Research Associate, E.U.’s IST-SCOUT Project, University of Bristol:
Reconfigurable receiver architectures that can provide transparent reconfiguration and spectrum monitoring functions to the RF front-end have been proposed and analysed.
RF related performance parameters have been investigated for the characterisation, conformance testing and standardisation of SDR terminals.
Partners included: Siemens, Motorola, Toshiba, Kings Collage London, Panasonic, DoCoMo-Europe, University of Southampton, France Telecom, CSEM, Telefonica, TTI, and 3G.com.

January 2001 - March 2002: Full-time Research Associate, E.U.’s IST-TRUST Project, University of Bristol:
Invented a new RF mixer linearization technique for SDR and filed a number of international patents.
A real-time adaptive control mechanism has been implemented using DSP techniques.
Contributed to another research topic that aimed to design flexible RF filters by using the MEMS technology.

March 2000: Undergraduate Laboratory Demonstrator, University of Bristol:
        Demonstrated “2. Year Wireless Modem Design Exercise” for undergraduate students.
Together with the students, implemented a wireless data communication system that can transfer text between two computers using a wireless link.

January 2000: MSc Laboratory Demonstrator, University of Bristol:
Demonstrated “Advanced Design System (ADS) Laboratory Design Exercise 1 & 2” for MSc students.
Running simple simulations, amplifier design, matching, biasing and creating layouts have been demonstrated to the students as an introduction to ADS.

February 1996 - September 1996: Associate Editor, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus:
Wrote articles and undertook managerial responsibilities for a student magazine.

June 1995 - August 1995: Technical Trainee, BRTK (radio and TV broadcasting organisation), Cyprus:
Worked with transmitters, receivers, antennas and other related instruments. Performed repairs on TV and radio transmitters.


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