Radio Frequency and Telecommunications Laboratory (RFTL, Location: R-107)

Dr. Nesimoglu have established RFTL at METU-NCC with a total funding of about 750,000 TL. The objective is to provide a state of the art teaching and research facility to METU-NCC students and academics in the areas of Microwaves, Antennas and Telecommunications. Please contact Dr. Nesimoglu for further information.

RFTL Facilities:

bulletAgilent Spectrum Analyzer, up to 6.7 GHz
bulletAgilent Signal Generator, up to 6.7 GHz
bulletRode and Schwarz Network Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer Unit up to 13.6 GHz
bulletRode and Schwarz Vector Network Analyzer up to 8 GHz
bulletRode and Schwarz Vector Signal Generator up to 8 GHz
bulletThe LPKF ProtoMat S103 circuit board plotter for producing RF/Microwave PCB prototypes
bulletHigh frequency active and passive microwave devices
bulletProfessional design and simulation softwares (Agilent EESof AdvancedDesign System, Ansoft High Frequency Structure Simulator)
bulletFeedback Teaching Tools for Telecommunications I/II (EEE-435 and EEE-436)
bulletFeedback Teaching Tools for Microwaves I/II (EEE-427 and EEE-428)
bulletFeedback Teaching Tools for Antennas (EEE-426)