ME508 Thermal Radiation (Fall 2017)

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Dr. İlker Tarı

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MT2 take-home: PDF. Due date: 8.1.2017, Monday by 12noon. Solutions of two example problems that might be useful in Q2 are posted on odtuclass. Everybody has access to odtuclass via odtu email accounts.

HW6: Textbook Problems 6.5 and 6.22. Due date: 13.12.2017, Wednesday.

HW5 (MC HW): PDF. Due date: 6.12.2017, Wednesday.

HW4: a) Solve Prob 5.1 by taking height and width of the fire as 5 meters. b) Solve Prob. 5.3. Due date: 15.11.2017, Wednesday.

HW3: Textbook Problems 4.4, 4.9, 4.12, 4.13 and 4.16. Due date: 8.11.2017, Wednesday.

HW2: Textbook Problems 3.7, 3.8, 3.16 and 3.23. Due date: 1.11.2017, Wednesday.

MT1 and MT2 will take place during the lecture hours. Tentative exam dates are 22.11.2017 and 3.1.2018. If you have a valid excuse or a conflict preventing you to attend an exam let me know as soon as possible and provide a proof for your excuse.

HW1: a. Computational: Writing a short computer program calculate all columns of App. C radiation fraction function table. b. Using App. C table calculate fractions of radiation coming from a blackbody at 5777 K falling into UV, visible and IR bands. c. Learn about "air mass one spectrum" and calculate the fractions of air mass one irradiation falling in UV, visible and IR bands. Due date: 25.10.2017, Wednesday.

IMPORTANT: The students who attended the first lecture have been defined in SIS as permitted to add the course. Note that there is still a need to add the course and to get approval from advisors on the students part.

Check our course page in odtuclass for course materials and lecture notes.

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