ME478 Introduction to Solar Energy Utilization (Spring 2020)

Sun   Instructor
Dr. İlker Tarı

Office: E-104 (ICHMT)
Phone: 210 2551
e-mail: itari

  Teaching Assistant
Deniz Pınarlı

Office: A-146
Phone: 210 2574
e-mail: pinarli.deniz



Attendance to the first lecture on 03.02.2020 Monday at 8:40 in G202 is required for admittance to the course. Student selection will be based on ME312 grade (at least DD) and CGPA. Passing grade from ME312 is an absolute must.

All who were present in Lecture 1 are accepted to the course. If you missed Mon lecture but attended Wed lecture with my permission, you are also in.

Lecture notes 1 is here.

SMath example for Ch3 shown during Lecture 1: here.

HW1 Assignment: Textbook problems 3.1-3.6 using SMath Studio. Due date: 10.02.2020 Monday. Note that in Prob. 3.1c no wavelength is given, hence take any lambda you like. Please send your HW1 solutions as a pdf to

HW2 Assignment: Textbook problems 4.1-4.6 using SMath Studio. Please submit a single pdf of your SMath Studio/Mathcad solution files. Due date: 19.02.2020 Wednesday by 5pm. Please check odtuclass for the submission link.

Please check odtuclass for announcements after the add-drop period.

General Course Information

Text : Instructors lecture notes

Schedule : Monday 8:40-10:30 and Wednesday 12:40-13:30 in G202.