On sabbatical leave

My interest in mathematics may be summarized as the study of smooth/symplectic topology in dimension four and symplectic topology in dimension six. In the long run I hope to understand symplectic structures on a smooth 6-manifold by using topological methods like surgeries. The Seiberg-Witten invariants of 4-manifolds and the count of J-holomorphic curves in 6-manifolds are the basic tools to get information about these structures. A sample problem about symplectic 6-manifolds is here.
A curriculum vitae may be found here.

Former Teaching:
Math 543 Low Dimensional Topology Fall 2014
Math 219 Introduction to Differential Equations Fall 2014
Math 112 Discrete Mathematics Spring 2014
Math 126 Basic Mathematics Spring 2014
Math 420 Elementary Point Set Topology Fall 2012
Math 116 Basic Algebraic Structures Spring 2012
Math 535 Topology Fall 2009
Math 261 Linear Algebra I Spring 2009
Math 304 History of Mathematical Concepts II Spring 2009
Math 303 History of Mathematical Concepts I

Math 541 Differential Topology Fall 2008
Math 260 Basic Linear Algebra
Math 120 Calculus for Functions of Several Variables
Math 119 Calculus with Analytic Geometry