Yigit Yazicioglu, Ph.D


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Middle East Technical University

Contact Information

Areas of Interest

Office:ME B-313
Phone:+90-312-210 5259
Fax:+90-312-210 2536
Address:Middle East Technical University
Department of Mechanical Engineering, B-313
06800 Ankara Turkey
  • Solid acoustics with applications in structural vibrations and bioacoustics
  • Dynamics of engineering systems and control theory
  • Robotics and legged locomotion
  • Vehicle dynamics & automotive engineering



  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2005
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 1999
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 1997
  • Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Professor, 2021-To this date
  • Middle East Technical University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Associate Director, 2018-2024
  • Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Professor, 2015-2021
  • Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Assistant Professor, 2006-2015
  • Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lecturer, 2005-2006
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Assistant, 1999-2005
  • Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Assistant, 1997-1999
  • Proctor&Gamble, Mechelen/Belgium Plant, Summer Intern, 1996

Teaching History

Research Projects

  • ME 205 Statics (5690205)
  • ME 206 Strength of Materials (5690206)
  • ME 208 Dynamics (5690208)
  • ME 210 Applied Mathematics for Mechanical Engineers (5690210)
  • ME 301 Theory of Machines I (5690301)
  • ME 302 Theory of Machines II (5690302)
  • ME 304 Control Systems (5690304)
  • ME 307 Machine Elements I (5690307)
  • ME 310 Numerical Methods (5690310)
  • ME 442 Design of Control Systems (5690442)
  • ME 511 Modern Control (5690511)
  • ID 403 Collaborative Design I (1250403)
  • ROB 501 Fundamentals & Emerging Topics in Robotics (8850501)
  • Low power and high efficiency mobility in legged robots using parallel compliance, virtual damping control and spring loaded inverted pendulum
    Project Leader: Dr. Uluc Saranli
    Sponsor: TUBITAK-1001
    Duration: 2018-2022 (Completed)
  • Acoustic perception assisted robust visual processing and perception for dynamically dextrous legged robots with application to autonomous navigation
    Project Leader: Dr. Afsar Saranli
    Sponsor: TUBITAK-1001
    Duration 2010-2013 (Completed)
  • State Estimation and dynamic behavioral feedback in legged mobile robots towards off-road applications
    Project Leader: Dr. Afsar Saranli
    Sponsor: TUBITAK-1001
    Duration: 2007-2010 (Completed)
  • Development of an electro-hydraulic control system technology for a movable nozzle thrust vector control system
    Project Leader: Dr. Yigit Yazicioglu
    Sponsor: TUBITAK-1007
    Duration: 2007-2010 (Completed)

Graduate Students

Available Thesis Topics

  • Cem Baykal (Ph.D.)
  • Oguzhan Gultekin (Ph.D.)
  • Mustafa Furkan Hasimoglu (M.Sc.)
  • Alp Kalipcilar (M.Sc.)
  • Muhammet Alperen Tekin (M.Sc.)
  • Onur Can Ulusal (M.Sc.)

Journal Publications

Theses Completed

  • K. Ozden, Y. Yazicioglu, C. Sert, Simulation of turbulence induced sound generation inside stenosed femoral artery models with different severities and eccentricities, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 208, 2021.
  • K. Ozden, C. Sert, Y. Yazicioglu, Effect of stenosis shape on the sound emitted from a constricted blood vessel, Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 58(3), 643-658, 2020.
  • C. M. Tanik, E. Tanik, Y. Yazicioglu, V. Parlaktas, On the analysis and design of a fully compliant large stroke slider-crank (rocker) mechanism, Mechanical Sciences, 11(1), 29-38, 2020.
  • K. Ozden, C. Sert, Y. Yazicioglu, Numerical investigation of wall pressure fluctuations downstream of concentric and eccentric blunt stenosis models, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part H-Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 234(1), 48-60, 2020.
  • S. Koksal, E. N. Yildiz, Y. Yazicioglu, G. O. Ozgen, Minimization of ground vibration test configurations for F-16 aircraft by subtractive modification, Shock and Vibration, 2019-9283125, 1-19, 2019.
  • H. E. Salman, Y. Yazicioglu, Computational analysis for non-invasive detection of stenosis in peripheral arteries, Medical Engineering and Physics, 70, 39-50, 2019.
  • H. E. Salman, Y. Yazicioglu, Experimental and numerical investigation on soft tissue dynamic response due to turbulence-induced arterial vibration, Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 57(8), 1737-1752, 2019.
  • M. T. Kozak, E. N. Yildiz, Y. Yazicioglu, E. Cigeroglu, Modeling of aircraft effects on external store ejection, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part G-Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 233(10), 3612-3626, 2019.
  • H. E. Salman, Y. Yazicioglu, Flow-induced vibration analysis of constricted artery models with surrounding soft tissue, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 142(4), 1913-1925, 2017.
  • Y. O. Aydin, A. Saranli, Y. Yazicioglu, U. Saranli, K. Leblebicioglu, Optimal control of a half-circular compliant legged monopod, Control Engineering Practice, 33, 10-21, 2014.
  • I. O. Dogan, Y. Yazicioglu, Structural vibration analysis of single walled carbon nanotubes with atom vacancies, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, 11(11), 2263-2275, 2014.
  • B. Rohani, Y. Yazicioglu, M. Mutlu, O. Ogucu, E. Akgul, A. Saranli, Lagrangian based mathematical modeling and experimental validation of a planar stabilized platform for mobile systems, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 259(B), 955-964, 2014.
  • K. D. Kandemir, A. Akmese, Y. Yazicioglu, Line-of-sight stabilization of a gimbaled mechanism under passive base isolation, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering , 228(1), 35-43, 2014.
  • B. A. Martin, U. Kutluay, Y. Yazicioglu, Method for dynamic material property characterization of soft tissue mimicking isotropic viscoelastic materials using fractional damping models, Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 41(5), 804-812, 2013.
  • M. C. Ozkul, A. Saranli, Y. Yazicioglu, Acoustic surface perception from naturally occuring sounds of a dextrous hexapod robot, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 40(1), 178-193, 2013.
  • H. E. Salman, C. Sert, Y. Yazicioglu, Computational analysis of high frequency fluid-structure interactions in constricted flow, Computers and Structures, 122, 145-154, 2013.
  • M. Kilic, Y. Yazicioglu, D. F. Kurtulus, Synthesis of a torsional spring mechanism with mechanically adjustable stiffness using wrapping cams, Mechanism and Machine Theory, 57, 27-39, 2012.
  • Y. Yazicioglu, Y. S. Unlusoy, A fuzzy logic controlled anti-lock braking system (ABS) for improved braking performance and directional stability, International Journal of Vehicle Design-Special Issue: Advanced Traction/Braking Vehicle Control, 48(3-4), 299-315, 2008.
  • S. M. McCormick, V. Saini, Y. Yazicioglu, Z. N. Demou, T. J. Royston, Interdependence of pulsed ultrasound and shear stress effects on cell morphology and gene expression, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 34(3), 436-445, 2006.
  • Y. Yazicioglu, T. J. Royston, T. Spohnholtz, B. Martin, F. Loth, H. Bassiouny, Acoustic radiation from a fluid-filled, subsurface vascular tube with internal turbulent flow due to a constriction, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 118(2), 1193-1209, 2005.
  • T. J. Royston, Y. Yazicioglu, F. Loth, Surface response of a viscoelastic medium to subsurface acoustic sources with application to medical diagnosis, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 113(2), p.1109-1121, 2003.
  • Eren Topbas, Improved game matrix based air to air combat simulation with missile performance involvement, Ph.D. Thesis, 2024.
  • Ceyda Ozcil, Integrating deep learning for heart and vascular acoustic analysis in cardiovascular health assessment, M.Sc. Thesis, 2023.
  • Omer Faruk Barlas, Dynamic modelling and control of a two-axis gimbal system with model reference adaptive control, M.Sc. Thesis, 2023.
  • Kutlu Demir Kandemir, Zenith pass problem in air-to-air missiles with nod-over-roll gimbal, Ph.D. Thesis, 2023.
  • Ufuk Enes Saygili, Minimizing axis drift in fully compliant slider-crank mechanism, M.Sc. Thesis, 2023.
  • Caglar Yazgan Balcik, Design of a contact type acoustic sensor for the noninvasive diagnosis of cardiovascular obstructions, M.Sc. Thesis, 2022.
  • Oguzhan Gultekin, Modelling and analysis of legged robots with temporary flight capabilities, M.Sc. Thesis, (Co-Supervised) 2022.
  • Burcin Tutku Guzelcan, Modelling of an articulated flying robot and control system design, M.Sc. Thesis, 2022.
  • Mehmet Gokalp Gurfidan, Design and modelling of a hybrid pressure regulator, M.Sc. Thesis, 2022.
  • Yigitcan Ekici, Nonlinear vibration analysis of L-shaped beams and their use in vibration reduction, M.Sc. Thesis, (Co-Supervised) 2022.
  • Burak Denizhan, Electromechanical ballscrew force excitation system: Dynamic Modeling and Control, M.Sc. Thesis, 2020.
  • Cagil Merve Tanik, On the analysis and design of a novel fully compliant slider-crank mechanism, Ph.D. Thesis, 2020.
  • Sinan Sahin Candan, Design of energy efficient hopper by using parallel elasticity and wrapping cam mechanisms, M.Sc. Thesis, 2019.
  • Cem Baykal, Nonlinear modeling and vibration analysis of horizontal drum type washing machines, M.Sc. Thesis, 2019.
  • Kamil Ozden, Large eddy simulation of pressure fluctuations inside stenosed blood vessels towards noninvasive diagnosis of atherosclerosis, Ph.D. Thesis, (Co-Supervised) 2018.
  • Huseyin Enes Salman, Non-invasive acoustic detection of vascular diseases from skin surface using computational techniques with fluid-structure interaction, Ph.D. Thesis, 2018.
  • Nabi Vefa Yavuzturk, Flight test maneuver design for one shot autonomous gliding air-vehicles, M.Sc. Thesis, 2017.
  • Neset Unver Akmandor, Body attitude control of a planar one-legged hopping robot using a novel air drag assisted reaction wheel, M.Sc. Thesis, (Co-Supervised), 2016.
  • Babak Rohani, Design, analysis and control of a 3-UCU 1-S spherical wrist as a camera platform for a legged robot, Ph.D. Thesis, 2015.
  • Kemal Mersin, Active vibration control of complex structures in modal space, M.Sc. Thesis, 2014.
  • Tayfun Celik, Dynamic modeling and control of a hybrid fin actuation system for an air-to-air missile, M.Sc. Thesis, (Co-Supervised), 2014.
  • Mevlut Burak Dalmis, Flutter characteristics of plate like structures, M.Sc. Thesis, 2014.
  • Eren Topbas, Aerodynamic parameter estimation in frequency-domain for one shot autonomous air vehicles, M.Sc. Thesis, 2014.
  • Huseyin Yagli, Investigation of structural properties of metal nanorods: Molecular dynamics simulations, M.Sc. Thesis (Co-Supervised), 2014.
  • Mustafa Tugrul Kozak, Modeling of aircraft aeroelastic effects on external store separation, Ph.D. Thesis, 2014.
  • Sertac Koksal, Simulation basedground vibration test planning for a fighter aircraft, Ph.D. Thesis, 2014.
  • Huseyin Enes Salman, Investigation of fluid structure interaction in cardiovascular system from diagnostic and pathological perspective, M.Sc. Thesis, 2012.
  • Mine Cuneyitoglu Ozkul, Acoustic surface perception through the ground interaction of compliant legs of a hexapod robot, M.Sc. Thesis, 2012.
  • Kutlu Demir Kandemir, Line of sight stabilization of a gimbal under passive base isolation, M.Sc. Thesis, 2010.
  • Bilge Kocer, Vibration fatigue analysis of structures under broadband excitation, M.Sc. Thesis (Co-Supervised), 2010.
  • Ege Sayginer, Modelling the effects of half circular compliant legs on the kinematics and dynamics of a legged robot, M.Sc. Thesis (Co-Supervised), 2010.
  • Ibrahim Onur Dogan, Structural vibration analysis of single walled carbon nanotubes with atom-vacancies, M.Sc. Thesis, 2010.
  • Ayhan Aydogmus, Design and analysis of a multi-axis thrust measurement system, M.Sc. Thesis (Co-Supervised), 2009.
  • Utku Turer, Design and construction of a precise tension controlled optical fiber supply unit for a fiber optic gyroscope coil winding machine, M.Sc. Thesis, 2009.
  • Galip Tuna Turkbey, Design and construction of a precise coil winding machine for a fiber optic gyroscope, M.Sc. Thesis, 2009.
  • Mehmet Kilic, Design and development of a mechanically adjustable linear torsion spring using cams, M.Sc. Thesis, 2009.
  • Halil Cesur, Development of cubic boron nitride (CBN) coating process for cutting tools, M.Sc. Thesis, 2009.
  • Gokhan Oral, Flexible multibody dynamic modelling and simulation of RHex hexapod robot with half circular compliant legs, M.Sc. Thesis, 2008.

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