Areas of Specialization




Major Elements, Trace Elements, Isotopes


Radioactive-Radiogenic Isotopes, Age Determinations


Volcanics, Granitoids, Magmatic Processes

Geothermal Systems

Chemistry, Isotopes, Geothermometry, Monitoring

Environmental Geochemistry

Environmental Impacts, Mining Activities, Industrial Centers



Research Subjects

Geochemistry and isotope geology in relation to

·         Geothermal systems (geothermal potential assessment, origin of crustal fluids and monitoring of seismic activities),

·         Petrogenesis of  volcanic rocks and granitoids,

·         Genesis of mineral deposits,

·         Environmental impacts of  mining and industrial activities.



Research Areas

·         Geochemical characterization of geothermal fields of Turkey as natural analogues for subsurface storage of CO2.

·         Geothermal potential assessment via geochemical studies.

·         Geochemical studies related to the relationship amongst volcanism-tectonism-seismicity-geothermal activities in Turkey.

·         Monitoring of gas chemistry in relation to seismic activities and noble gas characterization of the geothermal fields  along the Eastern Segment of the Büyük Menderes Graben (Western Anatolia, Turkey) (in collaboration with GeoForschungZentrum-GFZ-Potsdam,Germany).

·         Monitoring of isotope composition of geothermal fluids along the North Anatolian Fault Zone: temporal variations in relation to recent seismic activities (in collaboration with Isotope Lab. of Turkish State Hydraulic Works and the Fluids and Volatiles Laboratory of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography).

·         Petrogenesis of eastern Anatolian volcanics

·         Central Anatolian granitoids-geologic, petrographic, geochemical and geochronological studies .

·         Samli Fe-oxide mineralization: genetic investigation in relation to possible Fe-Oxide-Cu-Au (IOCG) type deposits.

·         Classification and comparative investigation of Madendağ and Kartaldağ epithermal gold mineralizations in Çanakkale region.

·         Genetic investigation of the Balya-Balıkesir lead-zinc mineralization.

·         Lead-Isotope Geochemistry of Pb-Zn Deposits from Eastern Taurides, Turkey.

·         Central Anatolian granitoids-geologic, petrographic, geochemical and geochronological studies.

·         Environmental Geochemistry: assessment of contamination around coal-fired power plants and former mining activities.