Recommendation Letter Policy:

There are different levels of getting to know a person and reflect this knowledge on paper for a potential job application or an application for an academic post.

High Level of Exposure: Meeting one-to-one or as a small group for an extensive period of time (conducting a joint project, participating in a project jointly, working together in a committee, writing a research paper together etc.). This level exposure is admittedly rare; but it is indeed the most valuable and meaningful experience to state in a recommendation letter.

Medium Level of Exposure: Taking a number of graduate and undergraduate courses (>2) and at the same time participating in the class discussions, homeworks, projects at an extraordinary level (above the average at least). This is a statement on your interest on the topic of the mentioned courses. This information is also valuable for the institute/company that you are applying. It shows an extraordinary level (at least above average) of motivation and desire of involvement in the mentioned topic.

Above Average Level of Exposure: Taking few number of undergraduate courses ending with the letter grades of BB/BA/AA and having a good standing in the department (good is a relative term, like voltage!). Your activity in the courses that I have been an instructor shows your interest in the topic and your standing in the department (that is the rank) shows your dicipline and dilligence in general. This is also a valuable information for a possible employer.

Given this, if you believe that I have something valuable to state in a recommendation letter about you, you are of course welcomed to request a letter.


When you request a recommendation letter from me,

1. Please come and talk to me briefly. I may not be available at the time or the level of exposure seen from your side and my side may differ.

2. After our mini talk (step 1), please send me your

through e-mail.

Good luck with your application! Please let me know about the result.