Prof. Dr. Hakan Altan

Top: View of the ultrafast laser pumping THz systems

Bottom: Yb:doped high power mode-locked fiber laser


The Terahertz Research Laboratory was established by Prof. Dr. Hakan Altan and is located in the Physics Department at Middle East Technical University. The main research done at the laboratory focuses on developing terahertz technologies for industrial and medical applications. Recently we have expanded our efforts into developing novel devices using microfabrication techniques specific to MEMS technologies. We also investigate various new and exciting areas in the field of photonics that range from fiber based to free-space optical applications. Our aim is to develop techniques and provide solutions that utilize various parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. With our ongoing collaborations with a variety of national and international experts in these fields we hope to contribute effectively to these disciplines and in the process educate and train a new generation of optical engineers and scientists. We are always looking towards working with enthusiastic individuals and we encourage those interested to contact Prof Dr. Hakan Altan.

Current Research Areas:

 Time-Domain Terahertz Spectroscopy

 Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy

 Ultrafast Pump/Probe Spectroscopy

 CW Terahertz Stand-Off Imaging

 Plasma Microwave/MM Wave Applications

 Biological Applications in the NIR and Ex-NIR

 Development of MEMS based devices for THz imaging/communications

Hakan Altan

Physics Department, METU

Universiteler Mah. Dumlupinar Bulv. No: 1

06800 Cankaya Ankara Turkey

Contact Info:

Office Phone: +90-312-210-4333

Lab Phone: +90-312-210-3277

Fax: +90-312-210-5099

E-mail: haltan (at) metu.edu.tr