M. Fırat Arıkan

Associate Professor


Middle East Technical University
Department of Mathematics
06800, Ankara

Email: farikan [at] metu.edu.tr
Phone: +90 312 210 5348
Fax: +90 312 210 2972

Current Courses (Fall 2022)

·         Math 154

·         Math 371

·         Office hours (Spring 2023): Visit the course webpages above



- On Legendrian Embeddings into Open Book Decompositions, 2019 Arkiv för Matematik, joint with S. Akbulut

- Stabilizations via Lefschetz Fibrations and Exact Open Books, 2017 Journal of GGT, joint with S. Akbulut

- Tight Contact Structures on Hyperbolic Three-Manifolds, 2017 Topology & its Applications, joint with M. Secgin

- Legendrian Realization in Convex Lefschetz Fibrations and Convex Stabilization, 2015 Forum Mathematicum, joint with S. Akbulut

- Existence of Compatible Contact Structures on G_2-Manifolds, 2011 Asian Journal of Mathematics, joint with H. Cho and S. Salur

- On the Classification of Certain Planar Contact Structures, 2011 Acta Mathematica Hungarica, joint with S. Durusoy

- A Note on Lefschetz Fibrations on Compact Stein 4-Manifolds, 2010 Communications in Contemporary Mathematics, joint with S. Akbulut

- Topological Invariants of Contact Structures and Planar Open Books, 2008 Ph.D. Thesis

- Planar Contact Structures with Binding Number Three, 2007 Proceedings of Gokova Geometry / Topology Conference

- On the Support Genus of a Contact Structure, 2007 Journal of GGT

- Construction of Surface Bundles with Nonzero Signature, 2002 M.S. Thesis


- Maximal Page Crossing Numbers of Legendrian Surfaces in Closed Contact 5-Manifolds (submitted to BBMS)

- Legendrian Contact Homology in Closed Contact Manifolds, joint with S. Akbulut (work in progress)

- Contact Symplectic Fibrations and Fiber Connected Sum (work in progress)

- Contact Structures on G_2-Manifolds and Spin 7-manifolds, (arXiv:1207.2046), joint with H. Cho and S. Salur (work in progress)

- Lefschetz Fibrations on Compact Stein Manifolds, Preprint, joint with S. Akbulut (work in progress)