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 Supervised Research

Simulation of Single Stage Reciprocating Compressor Systems on a Digital Computer, Kemal Büyükmıhcı, 1973. 

An Experimental and Theoretical Study on Reciprocating Compressor Valves, Ersan Bora, 1973. 

A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on the Unsteady Compressible Flow in a Pipe with Heat Transfer, Friction and Entropy Charge, Cahit Eralp,

A Theoretical and Experimental Study on Induction Ramming of a Single Stage High Speed Reciprocating Compressor, Nusret Veryeri, 1974. 

A Theoretical Study on the Design of Two Dimensional Supersonic Wind Tunnel Nozzles, Hüseyin Güneş, 1975. 

A Theoretical Study and Numerical Experiment Concerning Aerodynamic Characteristics of Wings and Wing Sections in Potential Incompressible Flow
Erdem Tackı, 1975. 

A Theoretical and Experimental Study on Pulsation Damping Systems of Reciprocating Compressors, Yılmaz Kuşkay, 1975. 

An Experimental Investigation on the Operational Problems of a Small Gas Turbine Engine, Fehmi Algün, 1977. 

A Theoretical Investigation on the Simulation of Sliding Vane Compressor Systems, Haluk Aksel, 1978. 

A Theoretical Investigation on the Simulation of Roots Blower Systems on a Digital Computer, İbrahim Çelik, 1978. 

Further Work on the Compressor System Simulation and on Compressor Values, Nusret Çubuk, 1978. 

Calculation of Flow Pattern on the Blade to Blade Surface of on Arbitrary Turbomachines, Hilmi Kaplan, 1978. 

Calculation of Subsonic Compressible Flow Through Turbomachine Cascades Using Finite Element Method, Tahsin Çetinkaya, 1980. 

Design and Construction of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel, Ali Çitçi, 1980. 

Through Flow Calculations in Turbomachinery, Coşkun Nalbantoğlu, 1981. 

Quasi-Three Dimensional Solution of Compressible Subsonic Flow Through turbomachines, Timur Durmaz, 1981. 

An Experimental Investigation on a Small Supersonic Wind Tunnel, Zekeriya Çelik, 1982. 

Computation of Two-Dimensional Inviscid, Transonic Flows using Finite Element Method, Ufuk Kıvrak, 1983. 

Potential Flow Solution Through Cascades, Hasan Eroğlu, 1983. 

An Investigation on Losses and Deviations in Axial Flow Compressors, Mete Çetin, 1985. 

Investigation on Axial Compressor Loss and Deviation Correlation's Applied to a Through Flow Computer Code, Hakan Arıtürk, 1986. 

Computer Simulation of Radial Flow Pumps, Yücel Özdemir, 1986. 

Secondary Flow and Spanwise Mixing in Axial Flow Compressors, Oktay Oguz, 1986. 

An Investigation on the Solution of Euler Equations for Compressible Flows, Erdal Oktay, 1986. 

Through Flow Calculations in a Francis Turbine Using Finite Element Method, Sıtkı Uslu, 1986. 

Time Depended Finite Volume Solution of Euler Equations in External and Internal Flows, Erdal Oktay, Ph.D. 1991. 

Solution of Euler Equations using Finite Volume Newton Method through Turbomachine Cascades, Tahsin Çetinkaya, Ph.D. 1990. 

Further Work on Spanwise Mixing in Axial Flow Compressors, Murat Erkilet, 1989. 

Thermo-Chemical Calculations of Solid Propellants, Zafer Dülger, 1989. 

A Theoretical Investigation on Internal Ballistic Prediction of Solid Rocket Motors, Tuğrul Tınaztepe, 1990. 

Axial Flow Compressor Design using Blade to Blade and Throughflow Computer Codes, Mahir Çakıroğlu, 1990. 

Secondary Flows in Compressors, Merve Erdal, 1992. 

Structural mesh generation for Three Dimensional Flows, Mahir Çakıroğlu, Ph.D, 1997. 

On the Cell vertex Navies - Stokes Internal Flow Solver, Tuğrul Tınaztepe, Ph.D. 1997. 

On the Turbulence Models for Incompressible N-S solvers, Atıf Yardımcı. 1994. 

Code Development for Unstructured Mesh Generation, Mehmet Coşkun, 1994. 

A Preliminary Design System for Axial Flow Turbines, Çağlar Kıral, 1996. 

A preliminary Design System for Axial Flow Compressors, Önder Okyay, 1996. 

Performance Prediction and Cycle Selection of Gas Turbine Engines, Emre Öztürk, 1996.

Solution of Euler Equations Using Method of Characteristics, Ph.D., Ertuğrul Başeşme, 1998.

Axial Compressor and Turbine Stage Design Using Through-Flow and Blade-to-Blade Codes, Oktay Gönç. 1998.

A Two-Dimensional Time-Dependent Euler Solver for Moving Boundaries in Cartesian Grids Applied to Injection Driven Internal Flows, Kerem Pekkan, Ph D, 2000

Modelling and Simulation of Chemical Agent Dispersion, Hüdai Hakkı Özdamar, Ph D, 2003.