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Prof. Dr. Nuri Saryal CV
1929 Sept. 2. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan as son of Dipl.Ing. Ismail and Helena (geb. Hoffmann) Seyitzade.
1931 Turkish citizen, family name changed to Saryal
1947 Graduation from Atatürk Gymnasium in Ankara.
1947-1948 One year prep school in English.
1948-1952 Graduation from Robert College Engineering School (Honor student) B.Sc.Mechanical Engineering.
1952-1953 Graduation from Purdue Univ. Lafayette, Ind. USA MSc. Mechanical Engineering.
1953-1956 Graduation from Technical University Berlin Charlottenburg,W.Germany, Dr.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering. Subject: "Unsteady State Temperature Distribution in Steam Turbine Rotors Using Electrical Analogy" Patented by AEG Comp., which financed the PhD research work.
1956-1957  Military service as reserve officer at the General Staff, Technical Research and Development Center.
1958-1962 Chief engineer at a private company, responsible for the construction of electrical and electronic utilities on 5 NATO Airbases.
1962 Starting as an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University in Ankara.
1963-1965 Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Dep’t, METU*.
1964-1969 Assistant to the President METU.
1966 Associate Professor. Habilitation subject: "Determination of (Unsteady State) Thermal Stresses Through Electrical Analogy".
1970-1972 A.v.Humboldt Fellow at the Munich Technical University, Visiting Professor, giving lectures and doing research. Lectures with the title "Elektrische Analogiemethoden für Wärmeübertragungs- und Wärme-      spannungsprobleme" were published.
1975 Professor in Mechanical Engineering at METU.
1977-1979 President (Rector) of the University (Middle East Tech. Univ.)
1979 Stuttgart University, giving lectures on Electrical Analogy (3 Month).
1979-1980 Invited by the Munich Tech. Univ. to give lectures on Electrical Analogy.of  Heat Transfer and Mechanical Systems.
1980-1996 Professor at METU.
1992 Verleihung: “Das Grosse Verdienstkreuz des Verdienstes der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.”
1996 Emeritus Professor, giving lectures and doing research.
1999-Now Doing research on "Electrical Simulation of Compressible Fluid Flow",developed a drift free, highly stable analog integrator, suitable for analog-digital hybrid computation of scientific phenomena.

Social Activities
1962-2004 Turkisch-Deutscher Kulturbeirat (Mitglied des Vorstandes) und President des Vorsandes (Goethe-Institut Ankara) (1998-2003).
1981-1993 President of the Turkish Soc. Heat & Mass Transfer.
1982 Gründungs Mitglied des A. von Humboldt-Club’s Ankara.
2000- President des A. von Humboldt-Club’s Ankara.

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