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Mustafa E. Ozser, Ph.D. — CV
V. Assistant Professor 


-Postdoctoral Research, The University of Edinburgh,

  School of Chemistry (Prof. David A. Leigh Group) 2010-2011
-Postdoctoral Research, The University of Miami,                   
  Department of Chemistry
(Prof. Françisco M. Raymo Group) 2008-2009
-Phd, Max Planck Institute for Bio-inorganic Chemistry (former MPI
  for Radiation Chemistry) / EMU (Prof. Huriye Icil & Prof. Martin Demuth) 2000-2004
-MRes, Southampton University, Department of Chemistry (Dr. Martin C. Grossel Group) 1997-1998
-BSc, Hacettepe University, Department of Chemistry 1992-1996

Mustafa obtained a  BSc degree from Hacettepe University  where he began his research career with a Graduation Project in the group of Prof. Perihan Caglar. He continued his research training with a Mres in organic chemistry at the University of Southampton (UK), under the supervision of Dr Martin Grossel. Later, he moved to Max-Planck Institute for Radiation Chemistry (since 2003 MPI for Bio-inorganic chemistry) for his Phd research where he worked under the supervision of Prof. Martin Demuth and Prof. Huriye Icil, on synthetic and mechanistic photochemistry  and received his PhD from the Eastern Mediterranean University. In 2008, he joined Prof. Françisco M. Raymo’s group at the University of Miami as Fulbright Visiting Scholar and worked on the synthesis of photoactivatable dyes for fluorescence imaging at nanoscale. Between 2010 - 2011  he worked   in Prof. David A. Leigh’s  group  at  the University of  Edinburgh, as  European Commission Post-Doctoral  Fellow, studying the design and synthesis of molecular machines. In 2013 he moved to Middle East Technical University - Northern Cyprus Campus. His current research focuses on the synthesis of organic dyes for solar-cell applications.

Contact details:
Office  SZ45, Academic S-block
Telephone +90 392 661 2955
Email ozser(at)metu.edu.tr
Chemistry Group,
Middle East Technical University,
Northern Cyprus Campus.