Stat 356 - Statistical Data Analysis - Spring 2012-2013

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozlem ILK
Department of Statistics, Room No:134
Middle East Technical University
Phone: 210 5326

Office Hours: Mondays, 13:40-14:30
Tuesdays, 16:40-17:30

Teaching Assistant:
Ozan Cinar and Didem Egemen
Department of Statistics, Room Number: 231 and 234
Phone: 210 53 09, 210 29 79

Lecture Hours:
Lecture: Tuesdays, 13:40-16:30, Z22
Recitation: Thursdays, 10:40-12:30, Place: Comp. Lab., Dept. Stat.

Course outline is available here.

My schedule for this semester is available here.


10. Makeup Exam: 05, 06, 2013, Wed, 13:30, Dept. of Stat. Contact me as soon as possible if you need to take this exam, so that I know the number. Only students who couldn't take the midterm or final exam can take it.

9. Here are material for Case study IV and V

8. Here are material for Case study II: data and slides

7. Midterm: 8, April, 2013, Monday, 17:40, P1. Please bring in a simple calculator (the one that is allowed by the dept.).

6. Handouts that I used on 19, March, and will use on 26, March are here

5. Hw1 was posted on Let Ozan know if you do not have access to online, but would like to reach the hw.

4. Handouts that I will use on March 12: Part 1 , and Part 2 , and Part 3

3. Handouts that I will use on March 5

2. No recitation this week (on 21 and 22 Feb. 2013)

19, Feb, 2013, Tue, 13:40, Z-22
(Announcement Date: 8 February, 2013)