Nurcan Tuncbag, PhD

Associate Professor at
METU Informatics Institute

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Office address:
Middle East Technical University
Informatics Institute B-204

E-mail: ntuncbag[at]metu[dot]edu[dot]tr

Research Interests

Systems biology of human glioblastoma
  • Combination of proteome, interactome and transcriptional data to infer sub-components of signaling and regulatory networks.
  • Revealing how the networks of interactions among proteins and genome are altered in cells during disease.
  • Simultenous re-construction of multiple pathways via prize-collecting Steiner forest.
Structural analysis and characterization of protein interactions using computational methods.
  • Construction of the non-redundant dataset of protein interfaces
  • Architectures and functional coverage of protein interfaces
  • Prediction of hot spots in protein interfaces
  • Prediction of protein-protein interactions using structural matching and flexible refinement
  • Incorporation of time dimensionality into protein interaction networks
  • Binding site cooperativity in multi-partner proteins


  • Kacar B, Garmendia E, Tuncbag N, Andersson DI, Hughes D. (2017) Functional Constraints on Replacing an Essential Gene with Its Ancient and Modern Homologs, mBio, doi: 10.1128/mBio.01276-17.

  • Tuncbag N, Keskin O, Nussinov R, Gursoy A (2017) Prediction of Protein Interactions by Structural Matching: Prediction of PPI Networks and the Effects of Mutations on PPIs that Combines Sequence and Structural Information, Methods in Molecular Biology, 1558:255-270.

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  • Tuncbag N, Milani P, Pokorny JL, Johnson H, Sio TT, Dalin S, Iyekegbe DO, White F, Sarkaria JN, Fraenkel E (2016) Network Modeling Identifies Patient-specific Pathways in Glioblastoma, Scientific Reports, 6:28668. doi: 10.1038/srep28668.

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    Featured Protocol

  • N.Tuncbag, A.Gursoy, O.Keskin, Prediction of protein-protein interactions: Unifying evolution and structure at protein interfaces, Physical Biology, 2011, pubmed.

  • N.Tuncbag, O.Keskin, A.Gursoy, HotPoint:Hot spot prediction server for protein interfaces, Nucleic Acids Research, 2010, 38(Web Server issue):W402-6 pubmed.

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  • N. Tuncbag, G. Kar, A. Gursoy, O. Keskin, R. Nussinov, Towards inferring time dimensionality in protein-protein interaction networks by integrating structures: the p53 example, Molecular Biosystems, 2009, 5(12):1770-8. pubmed
    Amongst the top ten accessed articles in June and in July

  • N. Tuncbag, A. Gursoy, O. Keskin, Identification of computational hot spots in protein interfaces: combining solvent accessibility and inter-residue potentials improves the accuracy, Bioinformatics, 2009, 25(12):1513-20. pubmed
    "Fast Breaking Paper in Engineering" by Thomson Reuters and Science Watch in December 2010 in the field of Computer Science

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  • E. Guney, N. Tuncbag, O. Keskin, A. Gursoy. HotSprint: database of computational hot spots in protein interfaces. Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Jan;36(Database issue):D662-6. pubmed

Softwares, Webservers and Databases

  • Omics Integrator - Network-Based Interpretation of Diverse High-Throughput Datasets
  • SteinerNet - integrating "omic" data to discover hidden components of response pathways
  • PRISM Server - a method to predict protein-protein interactions and structural modeling of protein complexes
  • HotPoint server - an efficient method for calculation of computational hot spots in protein interfaces
  • PRINT Database - a database of protein-protein interfaces available in PDB