Funded Research Projects:

METU BAP-2003-03-01-02 (Principal Investigator),
 “Equipotential projection based manyetik resonance - electrical impedance tomography,”
1/01/2002 – 31/12/2002.
METU BAP-2002-03-01-01 (Principal Investigator),
 “Imaging current density distribution using low-field magnetic resonance imaging - A new medical imaging modality,”
1/01/2002 – 31/12/2002.
METU BAP-2002-03-01-02 (Principal Investigator),
“Development of a programmable multi-frequency electrical impedance measurement and tomographic imaging sistem,”
1/01/2002 – 31/12/2002.
  TÜBITAK EEEAG-198E006 (Principle investigator),
“High spatial resolution Conductivity Imaging using Magnetic Resonance Imaging,”
09/1998 - 02/2002.
METU AFP-2000.08.00.02 (Investigator),
“Design and production of a Gyroscope tester and data acquisition system,”
1/06/2000 – 1/12/2001.
TÜBITAK EEEAG-136  (Principle investigator),
“Statistically constrained electrical Impedance tomography (EIT) system,”
04/1994 - 02/1997.
HU AFP-94-01-010-012 (Principle investigator),
“Measurement of tissue condutivity using electrical impedance tomography,”
01/1995 - 06/1996.
European Community Concerted Action on Electrical Impedance Tomography (Active Participant)
01/1994 - 12/1995.