Woolf Seminar
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The Fifth METU British Novelists Seminar:

Virginia Woolf and Her Work.


This event was held on 13-14 March 1997.

The Proceedings, edited by Prof Sevda Caliskan, are available from the Department of Foreign Language Education. 

List of Contents: 

Prof. Erendiz Atasu: "Time in Virginia Woolf's Work"

Prof Nursel Icoz: "Search for Order and Unity"

Dr Nerak Cileli: "Ageing in To The Lighthouse and Mrs Dalloway "

Naciye Oncul: "To The Lighthouse in Turkish - Deniz Feneri"

Dr Alev Bulut: "Translating Virginia Woolf's Short Stories into Turkish"

Dr Margaret Sonmez: "Sense and Sentence: The Structure of Disjunctive Holism"

Dr Necla Cikigil: "Virginia Woolf's Greeks"

Dr Ozlem Uzundemir: "Narrative as Rhythm: Virginia Woolf's The Waves"

Dr. Yuksel Uslu: "Virginia Woolf's Manipulation of Language in To The Lighthouse"

Ayse Abdullahoglu: "The Gender of Narration in Virginia Woolf's Early Novels"

Alev Baysal: "Male and Female Vision of Life in Mrs Dalloway"


Useful Web sites:

bulletElectronic Texts
bulletThe Voyage Out, by Virginia Woolf. Public domain e-text version
bullet"Haworth, November 1904" by Virginia Woolf.
bullet"George Eliot" by Virginia Woolf.
bullet"Mrs. Gaskell" by Virginia Woolf.
bullet"Wilcoxiana" by Virginia Woolf.

bulletResearch materials
bulletConcordances to Virginia Woolf (UMI): information about the text, ordering information, etc.
bulletBloomsbury: Books, Art and Design:  information on the exhibit, held Oct. - Dec, 1997, at Victoria University Library, University of Toronto
bulletAn Interview with Quentin Bell, by Antonio Bivar: interview from 1993 for Brazilian magazine (in English)
bulletThe Library of Leonard and Virginia Woolf (Washington State University, Pullman)
bulletThe Handlist to the Leonard Woolf Papers, University of Sussex Library
bulletThe Handlist to the Monk's House Papers, University of Sussex Library
bulletVirginia Woolf and Bloomsbury: A Bibliography (Stuart N. Clarke)