Joyce Seminar
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The 13th METU British Novelists Seminar, held on 1-2 December 2005,  was on

James Joyce and His Works


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The Proceedings

These are now available from the Department of Foreign Language Education, METU (or email me). 



Brandabur, Clare "The Conscience of His Race: Postcolonial Joyce"

Batum Mentese, Oya "A Tryst with the Untranslatable: Nevzat Erkmen's Translation of Joyce's Ulysses"

Gunes, Ali "'Things Fall Apart' and 'The Centre Cannot Hold': Human Alienation in James Joyce's 'A Painful Case'"

Inan, Dilek "Gricean Perspectives in James Joyce's Exiles"

Onur, Gulbun "Tone and Rhythm in James Joyce's Selected Letters"

Sonmez, Margaret J-M "Visual Ventriloquism in Finnegan's Wake"

Cubukcu, Feryal "Enchantment, Disenchantment and Reenchantment for Mothers and Lovers in James Joyce"

Isaacson, Lisa "The Entelechist Debate in Sterne and Joyce: Contending with Soul and Sense"

Tomkinson, Fiona "'A great day for European culture': swearing in yellow and applied Aquinas"

Alban, Gillian "Life-affirming Molly Bloom and Life-Questing Clarissa Dalloway: Bloomsday or Bloomsbury?"

Tekin, Kugu "Joyce's Dublin: the Character, the Mirror, the Prison"

Naseri Sis, Farzaneh "The 'Living Dead': Disturbance and Death of Male Power Through a Female Figure's Power of Story Telling in James Joyce's 'The Dead'"