Golding Seminar
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The Second British Novelists Seminar:

William Golding and His Work

This event was held ion 16th-17th March, 1994, with Malcolm Bradbury as our Guest Speaker, provided by the British Council.

There are no Proceedings.

The papers presented were: 

16 March 1994

Malcolm Bradbury: "The Early Golding"

Margaret Sonmez: "Communication in The Inheritors"

Nail Bezel: "The Ironic Discrepancy: Moral Aspiration and Amoral Reality in Golding"

Mukadder Erkan: "Literary Features of Golding's Early Novels"

Sema Kormali "The Spire and the Apple Tree"

17 March 1994

Malcolm Bradbury: "The Late Golding"

Clare Brandabur: "Golding's Use of Epistolary Form to Achieve Double Vision in Rites of Passage"

Nancy S. Nelson: "Doubling in Golding's Rites of Passage"