Fowles Seminar
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The 8th METU British Novelists Seminar: John Fowles and His Work was held on 7-8 December 2000.

The Proceedings were published in 2003 and are available from the Department of Foreign Language Education (or email me)


Royle, Nicholas. "John Fowles and the Uncanny: The Magus and The Collector"

Sonmez, Margaret J-M "Endings, Atheism and Autobiographical 'I's in John Fowles's Novels"

Ekmekcioglu, Neslihan "The Dilemma of Odysseus between Calypso and Penelope as a Recurring Theme in Fowles's Work"

Lipina, Victoria " The Magus: A postmodern Version of Shakespeare's The Tempest"

Icoz, Nursel "Urfe's Anguish of Freedom"

Brandabur, Clare A. "Hidden Sexual Agendas: A Comparison of John Fowles's The Ebony Tower with Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient"

Opperman, Serpil "Whole Sight and Implicate Order in the Postmodern Wormholes of Daniel Martin"

Raw, Laurence "Teaching the Postmodern: John Fowles's The Enigma"

Tarba Ceylan, Deniz "Fowles's A Maggot: Narrative Mysteries in a Mystery Novel"

Bezci, Senol "Indeterminacy of Reality in A Maggot"