Eliot Seminar
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The Seventh METU British Novelists Seminar: George Eliot and Her Work

This seminar was held on 11-12 March, 1999.

The Proceedings were published and may be obtained from the Department of Foreign Language Education, Education Faculty, METU, Ankara 06531, Turkey



Dogramaci, Emel: "George Eliot and Identity"

Icoz, Nursel: "The Redeemed and Unredeemed in George Eliot's Fiction"

Aksoy, Berrin: "A Study of the Translation of The Mill on the Floss into Turkish with Respect to George Eliot's Style"

Erkan, Mukadder: "A Structual Approach to The Mill on the Floss"

Cikigil, Necla: "George Eliot's Music in Daniel Deronda"

Erdogan, Armagan: "Mother-Daughter Relationship in George Eliot"

Norman, Unal: "Consummate Narcissism in Romola"

Cileli, Meral: "Values in Felix Holt the Radical"

Onur, Gulbun: "Happiness as a Matter of Soul: Middlemarch"