Dickens Seminar
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The Sixth METU British Novelists Seminar

Charles Dickens and His Work

This event was held on 12-13 March, 1998.  The Proceedings of the Seminar have been published (ed. Assoc. Prof. Dr Meral Cileli) and are available from the Department of Foreign Language Education, METU.

List of Contents:

Prof. Grahame Smith.  "Dickens and Critical Theory"

Prof. Nursel Icoz. "Evil Intentions are the Evil Person's Own Undoing"

Dr Belgin Elbir. "The Pickwick Papers"

Dr Deniz Tarba Ceylan: "Intimidation and Embarrassment in Dickens' Novels"

Dr. Beyhan Unlu: "The Idea of Education in the Life and Works of Charles Dickens"

Prof Grahame Smith: "Dickens and the City of Light"

Dr. Necla Cikigil:  "The Theatre of Dickens: Theatricality in David Copperfield"

Dr. Meltem Kiran-Raw: "The French Revolution in the Popular Imagination: A Tale of Two Cities"

Dr. Feryal Cubukcu: "Duality in A Tale of Two Cities".

Dr Anthony Lake: "'I Saw a Cadaverous Face Appear': Ghosts, Bodies, Selves and Others in David Copperfield"

Dr. Gulbun Onur and Dr Nazan Tutas: "Timeless Popularity of Oliver Twist"

Nurten Birlik: "Three Types of Marriages in David Copperfield"

Dr Valerie Kennedy: "Challenging Figures: Three of Dickens' Marginal Women"

Useful Web Site: 

 David Purdue's Dickens Page:  http://www.fidnet.com/~dap1955/dickens/