Conrad Seminar
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The 10th METU British Novelists Seminar Joseph Conrad and His Work.

 19th-20th December 2002

METU Culture and Convention Centre

Joseph Conrad

The Proceedings were published in 2004, and are available from the Department of Foreign Language Education, Education Faculty, METU.
Robert Hampson. "Trade Secrets: The background to Heart of Darkness in its historical context"
Wieslav Krajka. "Joseph Conrad's Conception of Europe"
Yacine Kais. "Nostromo between post-imperialism and anti-imperialism: Latin America oTHERED"
Nursel Içöz. "Conrad as Realist and Modernist" 
Christopher Cairney. "The Bird, The Snake and the River: Conrad's Complicated Look at  
Valerie Kennedy.  "Homo Duplex: Divided Selves in Conrad and Said"
Armagan Erdogan. "No Woman, No Home: Masculinity in Joseph Conrad's Fiction" 
 Gillian Alban.  "What Value Death in Conrad?"
Robert Hampson. "Secret and Silences in Victory"
Marcin Piechota. "Wedrowiec (The Wanderer) and Its Possible Influences on Conrad"
Kenneth Rosen. "Conrad in Wonderland" 
Fiona Tomkinson.  "For this miracle or this wonder troubleth me right greatly: Conrad's    
Margaret Sönmez. "Conrad's Novels: Truth and Nostromo"
James Coghlan "Fortis in Arduis"
Nil Korkut. "Communication or Introspection? Marlow's Aim(s) as Narrator in Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim" 
Bengü Taskesen. "The Gloomy Sunshine: Repression in Conrad" 

Nurten Birlik. "Subversion of the Oedipus: The Marriage of Two Castaways in 'Amy Foster'"
Nesrin Eruysal "The Spectre of Fear in the Midst of Love"