Angela Carter
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 December 2007,

organized by

 Dr Durrin Alpakin Martinez-Caro

with Dr Sarah Gamble as Guest Speaker


The Proceedings, edited by Durrin Alpakin Martines-Caro and Funda Basak Baskan, were published in 2008


Sarah Gamble        "Life after Shadow Dance: Angela Carter's Poetry"

Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor "Angela Carter's Speculative Bildungsroman: Heroes and Villains and the Decay of Culture"

Valerie Kennedy    "Angela Carter in Japan: Reading an 'Empire of Signs'"

Selen AKtari        "Revisiting the Gothic Plot: The Call of the M/Other in Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber'

Gillian Alban         "Angela Carter's Random Families and their Hypothetical Parents: The Sadeian Woman, Wise Children, The Magic Toyshop and The Bloody Chamber

Filiz Kutlu            "Carter's Female Pinocchio as a Femme Fatale: 'The Loves of Lady Purpoe'"

Goksen Aras        "The Use of Fairy Tales in the Feminist Re-write in the Analysis of the Power Relations between the Sexes in Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories

Hossein Safadaran "Black Venus or The Story of an Outlived Outcast from Gondola to Nest

Feryal Cubukcu     "From Transforming Tales to Transgressing Gender"

Marie Jose Pires    "Facing Difference: Angela Carter's Petrified Harvest"

Volga Korbut        "Angela Carter in Pantoland as an Ultimate 'Jouissance' of Contemporary Literary Theories

Mine Ozyurt Kilix     "Angela Carter's Lulu: Is she fact or fiction?"

Christina Gamberi     "The Moral Pornographer in "The Bloody Chamber"

Aylin Atilla            "The Problem of Reality and the Use of Intertextuality in Shadow Dance

Ozge Yakut        "Black Venus: Smashing the Myth of Baudelaire and Traces of Past

Emre Yesilbas     "Captured by the Imago, Castrated by the Language: A Lacanian Reading of Carter's The Magic Toyshop"

Gazi Birgul         "Deconstruction of the 'Wise Old Man' Archetype in Angela Carter's Heroes and Villains"