Currently I have been working on both ends of the Tethys realm from Turkey to Indonesia. The techniques applied and problems in both regions are different. Its interesting to see how fast the tectonic processes are around Banda Arc which actually developed over the last 15-12 My while in Turkey same tectonic processes seems to happen over a very large time span extending as old as Early Cretaceous. Both regions share similar tectonic evolution and active tectonics where strike-slip and thrusting related seismicity has been affecting both regions.

In terms of techniques, I am heavily rely on field geological tools in Turkey, while in Indonesia remote sensing and geophysical data are the main tools. The applied field tools (that I am comfortable with) include field mapping and ground truthing of remotely sensed data, studying large scale to mezoscopic structures for tectonostratigraphy, tectonomorphology, paleotectonics, active tectonics, regional kinematics (including paleostres analysis) and paleomagnetism for both determining regional and fault block rotations about vertical axes and magnetostratigraphy for precise dating of sedimentary strata.




B.Sc.: 07.07 1989 Geological Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University (METU),Ankara/Turkey

M.Sc., 12.09.1991 Thesis Tittle: Neotectonic Characteristics of the Inegol basin (Bursa Turkey), Geological Engineering Department, METU, Ankara/Turkey

Postgraduate Diploma: 29.08.1993-29.07.1994 (11 months course for Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems) Geological Survey Division, ITC (International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences), Enschede, The Netherlands

Ph.D. 10. 05.2000 Utrecht University, Faculty of GeoSciences (Vening Meinesz Research School of Geodynamics)

PhD Thesis Title: Tectono-stratigraphical Evolution of the Çankiri Basin (Central Anatolia, Turkey) (click to download)