ME421 Steam Generator and Heat Exchanger Design (Spring 2018)

Alfa Laval   Instructor
Dr. İlker Tarı

Office: E-206
Phone: 210 2551
e-mail: itari

  Teaching Assistant
Burak Õzer

Office: G-114
Phone: 210 5249
e-mail: burak.ozer



Attendance to the first lecture on 12.02.2018 Monday (at 8:40 in G103) is required for admittance to the course. Student selection will be based on ME312 grade (at least DD) and CGPA. Passing grade from ME312 is an absolute must.

Please check the course page in odtuclass for assignments and announcements.

General Course Information

Text : Instructors lecture notes

Schedule : Monday 8:40-9:30 and Tuesday 11:40-13:30 in G103.