Göksel N Demirer

Dr. Göksel N. DEMİRER

Professor of
Environmental Engineering


Intensive development efforts in the last Century resulted in excessive resource use, environmental and health problems as well as social inequity, etc. This new paradigm brought along integrating the concept of sustainability with all antropogenic activities to create more sustainable means of life by producing, processing and consuming the natural resources in a more environmentally sustainable way. Used in complement with other tools, measures, strategies, etc., the concept of “resource efficiency” which can be defined as reducing the total environmental impact of the production and consumption of goods and services, from raw material extraction to final use and disposal has a lot to offer alleviating these problems.

To address this these challenges, the sustainability and resource efficiency have been the main focus of our research which can be grouped into : (i) sustainable environmental technologies for the removal and remediation of contaminants originated from different antropogenic activities, (ii) resource efficiency strategies and tools, and (iii) bioproduct and biofuel development from wastes.

We conduct cutting-edge pure and applied research in these areas to develop tools, techniques and a broad understanding of sustainable solutions to different environmental challenges in various matrices.

To respond to today’s complex and multi-dimensional environmental and resource efficiency related problems, our research is interdisciplinary, and covers a wide range of areas, such as: environmental sciences, waste management, pollution prevention, industrial systems, biotechnology, microbiology, aquatic chemistry, statistics, numerical analysis and modeling.

We engage a multi-disciplinary team of faculty members and researchers and collaborate with various national/international partners.

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