MATH 260. Basic Linear Algebra: (Last update: 08.03.2017)
Textbook: Cemal Koç. Basic Linear Algebra. 2009

Lecture 1: Matrices.

Lectures 2-3: Row Equivalence. Invertibility. Elementary Matrices.

Lecture 4: Systems of Linear Equations. Homogeneous Systems.

Lectures 5-6: Determinants. Properties of Determinants.

Problem section I: Matrices. Systems of Linear Equations. Determinants.

Lecture 7: Vector Spaces.

Lecture 8: Linear Independence. Linear Dependence. Bases. Dimension.

Lecture 9: Summary of Basis and Dimension.

Lecture 10: Inner Products. Orthogonality.

Lecture 11: Orthogonal and Orthonormal Bases. Orthogonal projections.

Problem section II: Vector spaces. Inner product spaces.

Lecture 12: Diagonalization.

Lecture 13: Diagonalization of Real Symmetric Matrices.

Lecture 14: Linear Transformations.

Lecture 15 (Optional): Quadratic forms.

Problem section III: Diagonalization. Linear Transformations.