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Below, you will find some general links on Eurasia.

Online News and Periodicals

·       Caspian Business Report

·       Caspian Crossroads Magazine

·       Central Asia Mirror

·       Central Asia Monitor

·       Central Asia News.net

·       Central Eurasian Studies Review (CESR)

·       EurasiaNet.org

·       The Caspian Times

·       The Central Asian Post

·       The Eurasian Politician

·       The Times of Central Asia

·       Turcoman Internet

·       Turkic Business and Economic News

·       Turko-Tatar Press

Universities, Institutes, Research Centers

·       Central Asia and the Caucasus: Journal of Social and Political Studies

·       Central Asia Commerce

·       Central Asia Institute

·       Central Asia Research Network

·       Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst

·       Central Asian Studies World Wide

·       Central Asian-American Enterprise Fund

·       Central Eurasia Resource Page (Open Society Institute)

·       Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS)

·       Department of the Siberian peoples' languages and folklore in the Humanitarian faculty of the Novosibirsk state university (in Russian)

·       Environmental Policies and Institutions for Central Asia

·       Eurasia Research Center

·       Faculty of Far North peoples of the Herzen state pedagogical university (St.Petersburg)

·       Harvard Central Asian Studies on net 

·       Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies

·       Human Rights in Turkestan

·       Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center's Resources for Central Asia

·       Institute for Bible translation (in Russian)

·       Institute for War and Peace Reporting: Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia

·       Interactive Central Asia Resource Project

·       International Institute for Caspian Studies

·       Internet Service Providers in the Former Soviet Union

·       L'auravetl'an Indigenous Information Center

·       Minority rights group international - Non-governmental organisation promoting the rights of ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities

·       North Caucasian Bibliography and Library

·       Perspectives on Central Asia

·       Photography of Central Asia

·       Requiem for the Dying Aral Sea

·       Research Center on Ethnic and Language Relations, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences  

·       Siberian languages sector - thePhilology institute of the Russian academy of sciences Siberian division (in Russian)

·       Silk Road Seattle

·       Silk Road Seattle Project: Cities and Architecture along the Silk Road

·       Silk Road Seattle Project: Traditional Cultures in Central Asia

·       SOTA's Turkish World

·       Tan Wee Cheng's Odyssey: Heart of the Silk Road

·       The Center for Post-Soviet Studies

·       The Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies

·       The Turkish World Flag Hall

Some Essays

·       1100th Anniversary of Hungarian Settlement in Central Europe

·       About Volgo - Kama Bulgaria in the Middle Ages - essay by George Genoff

·       Advance: Central Asia Virtual Gallery

·       Ahyskinskii (Meshetinskii) Turks: Twice-Deported People - in Russian

·       An Abridged History of Central Asia - essay by William M. Brinton

·       Ancient Tangriqut Rulers of Western and Eastern Huns

·       Ancient Tangriqut Rulers of Western and Eastern Huns

·       Articles on Turkish History by Professor Hasan B. Paksoy

·       Artifacts from Early Hun, Avar, and Szekely Warriors

·       Barbarians - rulers of the Hsiung-nu, Golden Horde, Cumans, Alans, Khazars, more

·       Birth of Great Bulgaria

·       Celebrating the Life of Ismail Bey Gaspirali

·       Center for Study of Eurasian Nomads

·       Central Asia: Conflict, Resolution, and Change- electronic book

·       Chuvashes of the Samara Region of Russia

·       Columbia Encyclopedia: Bulgars, Eastern

·       Cumans (1054-1394 AD)

·       East-West - Oriental carpets and rugs

·       Essays on Central Asia, by Professor Hasan B. Paksoy

·       Expansion of the Bulgarian State to the South of the Danube

·       Ferghana Valley: In the Middle of the Empires - essay by Johan Gely

·       From Baltic To The Black Sea: A Journey Across The Frontier Lands of Europe

·       Göktürk Epigraphs - ancient Turkic inscriptions from Mongolia

·       History of Astrakhan

·       History of Central Asia, Part 1

·       History of Central Asia, Part 2

·       History of the Proto-Bulgarians North and West of the Black Sea

·       Hunno-Bulgar Religion and Spirituality

·       In Die Welt der Steppenreiter - German site about Central Asian steppe-culture

·       Ipek Yolu Silk Road Carpets and Kilims

·       Ismail Bey Gaspirali

·       Khan Asparoukh, first Turkic ruler of Danubian Bulgaria

·       Khan Kubrat, ruler of the Turkic Bulgars

·       Kutriguri Way of Battle

·       Medieval Scholars and Writers from Volga Bulgaria - in Russian

·       Meskhetian Turks: Twice Deported People - in English   

·       Muslim Culture in Russia and Crimea

·       Nomad-Sedentary Politics in Medieval Russia - essay by Mark J. Janselewitz

·       Of the Pechenegs, by Constantine Porphyrogenitus

·       Old-Turkic Deities - book chapter by Rafael Bezertinov

·       Oriental Rug Notes: Central Asian and Chinese Rugs - including Uzbek and Kyrgyz rugs

·       Oriental Rugs and Rug-Weaving in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

·       Pechenegs (850-1122 AD)

·       Pechenegy - in Russian

·       Peoples of Early Russian History - in Russian

·       Role of Lower Volga Region in Development of Trade and Interaction of Cultures on the Great Volga Way - Russian essay by P.V. Kazakov

·       Rulers of Volga Bulgaria

·       Sakaliba are Kipchaks, and Bulgars are One of Kipchak Tribe - rather strange article

·       Seals from Altai to Anatolia - artwork and motifs of Central Asia and Turkey

·       TANGRA TanNakRa - Bulgarian history

·       Tatars in Bulgaria

·       Tatars of the Samara Region of Russia

·       Tatarstan History - Volga Bulgaria

·       The Caucasus

·       The Codex Cumanicus - essay by Peter B. Golden

·       The Empire That Was Russia: Ethnic Diversity

·       The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Asiatic Russia - Bashkirs and Tatars

·       The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Asiatic Russia - I

·       The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Asiatic Russia - II

·       The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Asiatic Russia - Kyrgyzian and Siberian

·       The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Central Asia - Eastern Turkestan

·       The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Central Asia - Uzbeks and Turkmen

·       The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Crimean Tatars

·       The Khazaria Info Center

·       The Lay of Igor's Raid - story about Rus' battle against Cumans

·       The Pechenegs - essay by Steven Lowe and Dmitriy Ryaboy

·       The Seljuqs of the Rum - essay by Steven Lowe

·       The Song of Igor's Campaign - another translation of this story

·       The Turanian Horse

·       The Turki, Khazars, Bulgars, Polovtsy, and Pereshchepina Treasure

·       The Turkic Dastan Genre

·       The Turkic Groups of Afghanistan (Uzbeks and Turkmens)

·       The Turkic Kipchaks of Medieval Eurasia

·       The Western Turks

·       The Wild Animals of Turkestan

·       Turkish Mythology

·       Turks in China

·       Turksib Railway - in Russian

·       Volga Bulgars in the Middle Ages

·       Volzhskaya Bulgariya - archaeology of Volga Bulgaria, in Russian

·       Walter Schwitter (PTY) Limited - Oriental carpets and rugs

·       Weapons Used by the Bulgars


·       A székely-magyar rovásírás - Hungarian essay on Székely runes

·       Altai-Sayan Language and Ethnography Project

·       CenAsiaNet's Advanced Lessons in Kazak, Turkmen, Uzbek

·       Central (Kipchak) Turkic Languages

·       Drevnetyurkskie runicheskie nadpisi - Turkic runic texts (without transcription)

·       Eastern (Chagatay) Turkic Languages

·       Electronic Journal of Oriental Studies

·       Inscription and Alphabet of the Proto-Bulgarians

·       Journal of Turkic Languages

·       Karaites - extensive list with no links to online linguistic material except "The Lord's Prayer" in Latin/Hebrew script

·       KüLTigiN GÖKTÜRK s0.5 - downloadable Orkhon Turkic right-to-left Runic Word Processor, using Turkish keyboard lay-out

·       Language of the Asparukh and Kuber Bulgars, Vocabulary and Grammar

·       Minority Languages of Russia on the Net: Turkic Languages

·       Oriëntaal's Links to Turkic Languages

·       Sample in Karaim from the Spoken Karaim Language CD Project

·       Shorica - learn Shor language, in Russian

·       Siberian Turkic Languages

·       The inscriptions of Tonyukuk (720 AD), Kül Tigin (732 AD) and Bilge Kađan (735 AD) - original right-to-left runic text with transcription and Turkish translation (download the Orkhon Turkic Runic Font and save it as orkun.ttf)

·       The Mystery of the Futhark Alphabet - runic writing in Scandinavia

·       Ural Mountains Turkic Languages

·       Western (Oguz) Turkic Languages


·       Azerbaijan International's Audio Section

·       Emel Sayin's Homepage - fan page for this classical Turkish singer

·       Eurasian Music by Turkish Musician Murat Ses

·       Imagina: Central Asian Collection of Music

·       Multicultural Media

·       Scimitar Records

·       Selection of Great Turkic CDs for Sale

·       The Musical Nomad: A Central Asian Music Travellogue from 1997

·       The Pop Life: Uzbekistan Dreams Made of Music

·       The Yulduz Usmanova Homepage - fan page for this famous Uzbek singer

·       Turkic Peoples' Music

·       Uygur Awazi Radiosi - East Turkestan

·       Yalla's Central Asian Ethno-Pop Music



·       Maps of the Commonwealth of Independent States