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Derek Baker
Derek Baker, Ph.D.
- Professor, Dept. of Mech. Engr.
- Co-Director, ODAK: Conc. Solar Thermal Energy Lab; Part of GÜNAM: Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications
Mech. Engr. E-105
Middle East Technical University
06800 Ankara, Turkey
Tel.: +90-312-210-5217
Fax: +90-312-210-2536
Sustainable Energy Group (SEG): Visit the initial SEG website. Over the winter 2015 break I started working with several faculty members to create a Research Group to promote Research, Human Resources and Technology Development, and Innovation in Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies.
About CERES:  Several years ago I gave CERES as an unofficial name to the group of students with whom I was collaborating to give structure and a sense of identity to our research group.  To facilitate communication among group members, I made a Google Group with the name CERES. I regularly use this Google Group to pass along important information and ideas to our group. Initially the group was quite small and consisted only of my graduate students and me. Subsequently the group grew to include undergraduate students I was trying to prepare for graduate school. More recently as I began to co-advise graduate students with many different faculty members, I added these faculty members to the Google Group for transparency. Over the past year I have collaborated with many graduate students I am not officially advising on conference papers and journal articles, and have added their names to this Google Group. Currently this Google Group called CERES contains ~ 40 people including graduate students I am and am not officially advising, prospective graduate students, undergraduate students, alumni, and other faculty members. Therefore this group has morphed into an entity without clear membership boundaries. By looking at my CV below one can easily identify the people with whom I am collaborating, but this list of people does not always overlap with the names in the CERES Google Group.
CERES Mission: Many of today's global challenges are intimately tied to energy such as economic development, climate change, national security, resource depletion, and pollution. These challenges represent an opportunity for engineers to create innovative solutions and make a meaningful contribution to society. Through Research, Education, and Service, CERES members are working to develop solutions to these global challenges that are economically viable and socially, environmentally, and globally responsible.
CERES Goals: Our goals are excellence in research, education, and service in the area of clean thermal energy conversion systems. The simplest measure for success in reaching these goals are opportunities. Specifically, if we are successful in reaching these goals, members will have opportunities to achieve their professional goals within our group, and opportunities to pursue their professional goals by moving to other groups both within Turkey and internationally. Additionally, high quality new members will want to join our group due to the opportunities we offer.
CERES Research: Most of our current research fits under the broad umbrella of clean processes that can be driven using Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) technologies, with a specific emphasis on Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) (also called Concentrating Solar Power/CSP) and thermal powered air conditioning systems (e.g., adsorption, absorption, and desiccant). Our research extends into geothermal energy, thermal energy storage, building energy systems, and distributed energy networks and micro-grids.
CERES Research Objectives: Our Objectives are for all members to demonstrate the ability to do research of publishable quality and to disseminate this work through publications.
Short Bio: Derek Baker is a Full Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Middle East Technical University (METU). He is also the Co-Director of ODAK, The Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) Research Laboratory, which is part of The Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications (GÜNAM) at METU. He received his BS from Virginia Tech in 1992, and his MS and PhD from The University of Texas-Austin in 1996 and 2000, respectively, all in Mechanical Engineering. Currently he is the METU Principal Investigator for the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 project Integrating National Research Agendas on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (INSHIP). From 2012-2016 he participated in the EU-SOLARIS Research Infrastructure project on CST. He regularly serves as an independent expert for the evaluation of EU research proposals and is active in the European Energy Research Alliance Joint Program on Concentrating Solar Power (EERA JP CSP). He received awards from the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK) for his research performance in 2016 and 2017 and from METU for his overall academic performance (research, education, and service) in 2017. He was twice named METU Educator of the Year (2003-4 and 2005-6), and in 2013 was named METU Outstanding Educator, which is METU's highest and terminal teaching award.
CV: Download (PDF). In the past I tried to replicate my information in my CV on a webpage, and I found it too difficult to keep both the CV and webpage updated and consistent. Therefore to simplify my life I am only attaching a link to my CV and am making no attempt to replicate this information on a webpage.

Publication and Citation Information:

Information for Prospective Graduate Students: As of 09 Feb 2018,
  • I do not have space for any more graduate students. I hope some students graduate by Fall 2018 but this is not guaranteed.
  • I several unfunded graduate students, I am currently looking for funding for these students, and I will not have funding for new graduate students this fall.
  • In the past several students whom I thought would be accepted into our graduate program were not. Trying to work with the students before they were accepted was not a good use of my time or her/his time.
  • Due to all the reasons above, if you want to work with me contact me after you are accepted. Due to the large number of emails I am receiving from prospective students who are not accepted yet and the lack of space for new students, I am no longer answering these emails (i.e. if you email me before you are accepted, I will assume you did not take the time to read my webpage and therefore I am part of a mass email campaign, and I will delete your email without replying).

Spring 2018 Course Information:

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    • If you want to add this course, attend the 1st day of class, sign the attendance sheet, and write down your unique 3-digit Registration Number from the attendance sheet. After class complete the followning Survey using the instructions given in class.
  • 496:
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    • If you want to register for this course, attend the 1st day of class, sign the attendance sheet, and write down your unique 3-digit Registration Number from the attendance sheet. After class complete the followning Survey using the instructions given in class.
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