Current LAB Members

Sinem ÇELEBİÖVEN : She graduated from Molecular Biology and Genetics department, METU in 2011. Now, she is continuing her education with MSc studies in Biology department, METU. In Son Lab, she is studying in a project aiming to visualize possible physical interactions between Adenosine A2A, Dopamine D2 and NMDA receptors by use of FRET and Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation Assay.
Cansu BAYRAKTAR: Completed her BSc degree in Biology Department in METU. Currently doing her MSc in Biology,
in SON Lab, METU. Her research project focuses on the detection of the signaling pathway of Adenosine 2A and Dopamine 2 receptor heteromers through G proteins, using FRET technique.
Gizem ÖZCAN: Completed her BSc studies at Bilkent University Molecular Biology and Genetics department in 2013. Intership studies are done at Human Genetics department of Radboud University Nijmegen, Holland. Her internship study was about detection of neurobiologic expression of FoxP protein in D. melanogaster brains. She is continuing her MSc studies with SON Lab at Middle East Technical University Biochemistry department. She is now studying on detection of homo/heterodimerizations of Dopamine, Serotonine and NMDA receptors with FRET and split-EGFP methods.
  Dihar KOÇAK
Former Students 

Gökhan ÜNLÜ: I completed my BSc study in Molecular Biology and Genetics Department of Middle East Technical University in 2009. I have continued my education with Master's study in Biology Department of METU. Since 2009, I am pursuing my MSc thesis study in Son Lab studying on "In vivo detection of heterodimerization of Adenosine A2A and Dopamine D2 receptors in live N2a cells with FRET and Split EGFP methods"

Giray BULUT: Bachelor of Science [09/2005 to 06/2010] Middle East Technical University, Biology, Ankara, Turkey Research interest: Displaying GPCR dimerization by using FRET Hobies: swimming, football, basketball, reading, frp
 İlke ILGAZ: Finished her bachelor degree in METU in Biology department. She performed her internships in the Netherlands and Norway. She is currently doing her master of Biology in SON Lab, METU, on the mechanism of interactions of NMDA 1A,2A,2B and Dopamine D2 receptors. For the times apart from her master; she likes dealing with languages; besides English, she knows French and German.
Şeyda PİRİNÇCİ: Graduated from METU Molecular Biology and Genetics and now doing her MSc in Biology department. Her research project focuses on the imaging of the interaction between A2A and NMDA receptors with FRET technique.
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Rotation Students 
  Aditya Kemal Jacob
Fırat Nebioğlu: Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics My project focuses on the localization of interactions between dopamine D2 receptors with adenosine A2A receptors during trafficking from ER to membrane. We benefit from FRET and basic molecular genetics techniques during experiments. 

Nazlı Alantar: BSc Biology, Sociology I'm currently a 4th year undergraduate student majoring  in Biology and Sociology.I'm a member of the Professor Son's research laboratory as a special project student. The project I'm involved is studying the display of homodimerization of Ste2p using split GFP.