New Research Paper (15.02.2018)

This paper, published recently in the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, is the outcome of the masters thesis of my student Erdem Dikbaş. Dr. Özgür Uğraş Baran was his co-advisor. The paper is about grid fins, which are unconventional control devices used for aerodynamic control of missiles. We proposed a new idea called "Unit Grid Fin (UGF)" for easy parametrization and fast numerical simulation of missiles with grid fins. The long term goal is to develop a quick prediction tool that can generate aerodynamic force and moment databases necessary for preliminary designs. Such tools exist for missiles with conventional planar fins, but not for those with grid fins. We were able to show that, although requiring much less computational resources and time compared to a full CFD solution, the UGF approach provides acceptable results. The body interference correction to account for the effects of missile fuselage turns out to be critical in the performance of the proposed method, and we showed the deficiency of a simple potential flow based approach. The full article can be accessed here.

365 Güneş (01.01.2018)

Bir yıl daha bitti,
Koskoca yıldı, geçti gitti.
365 sabahı vardı, uyandırmadı,
365 güneş battı, hiç dokunmadı.

Ne yalan söyleyeyim, bir ara içim bir kıpırdadı,
Gel gör sadece Ankara ayazıymış, olmadı.
Halbuki ışıkları kapatıp 10'dan geriye de saydıydım,
Ama tutmadı.
Dün gece rüyamda öldüğümü gördüm,
Sabah kalktığımda hiç dokunmadı.

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