My cogsci top ten plus (Cem Bozsahin)

Just to exploit the benefits of a non-representative democracy, aka. web, I publicise my own top ten plus list, for whatever it's worth:

  1. Descartes. Philosophical writings. 1619 onwards.
  2. Hume. Treatise. 1739.
  3. Turing. On computable numbers. 1936.
  4. Turing. Computing machinery and intelligence. 1950.
  5. Chomsky. Syntactic structures. 1957.
  6. Fodor. The language of thought. 1975.
  7. Simon. The sciences of the artificial. 1969.
  8. Marr. AI/Vision. 1977/82.
  9. Carnap. Aufbau. 1928.
  10. Newell. You can't play twenty questions with nature and win. 1973.
  11. Miller, Galanter, Pribram. Plans and the structure of behavior. 1960.
  12. Montague. PTQ. 1970.
  13. Tarski. Logic, semantics, metamathematics. 1923 onwards.
  14. Valiant. Ecorithms. 2013.
  15. Fiction: Jaynes. The origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the
    bicameral mind. 1976. (a story this good ought to be true, but...)
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