Courses taught

Spring Semester

BIO 734 Molecular Biology of Inflammatory Pathways

The course looks at inflammatory pathways as essential primary defense mechanisms in organisms. Chronic inflammation and their effects on diseased states. Molecular biology and biochemical basis of inflammatory pathways in normal body defense mechanisms and diseases etiology.

BIO 252 Section 2 Physiology

A comprehensive course aiming to provide advanced knowledge on human physiology with an emphasis on physiological genomics. Physiological genomics is an emerging field that entails study of an organism's complete set of DNA, rather than the study of a single gene or a family of functionally or structurally related genes. Students are expected to gain comprehensive knowledge in understanding the relationship of genes to complex physiological functions.


Fall Semester

BIO 203 Section 2 Cell Biology

A detailed look at cellular physiology, structure and function. Open to BIO and BME students.

BIO 252 Physiology

This section is open to ESE students.

Gene 475 Student Laboratory: Genetic manipulation in yeast

Students are exposed to a hands on laboratory course where they learn to knock out genes from the yeast genome using S. cerevisiae and look at the phenotypic changes.

LAB 103