·  First of all, you are presenting solutions to problems, not merely answers. Show that how the result is obtained, with explanation and detail.




General requirements:

                        Write neatly.

                        Corrections should be invisible.

                        Highlight your final answer by underlining or encircling.

                        Staple all pages together.

                        Turn your homework in on time.


In all your written work as an engineer, a commitment to excellence should be obvious.


If you would like to learn this course and be succesful

     1)      Your aim should be learning not getting grade. (If you learn you can easily get the grade)

2)      Be honest to yourself.

3)      You should absolutely do homework by yourself.

4)      Study daily

5)      If there is something that you don’t understand, ask to assistant or instructor.

6)      Office and class hours should be used effectively.